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Kennan Institute Back-to-School Reading List

The Kennan Institute recently asked some of our scholars to share their top book selections for the 2019 back-to-school season. Here are a few of their picks, ranging from the history of science and religion in Russia to portraits of leading Russian composers and artists.

Weapon-Grade Memes and U.S.-Russian Culture War in Pelevin’s New Novel


Every fall, Russia’s reading public is offered a new dose of esoteric musings and funny word play from the novelist Viktor Pelevin. While it may be a nuisance for those who have never been hooked on his work, it is now a notable annual literary event for those expecting his latest release. This year’s work is actually three novellas, one of which might be of interest for the most curious of Russia watchers.

Kennan Institute Winter Reading List

The Kennan Institute asked some of our scholars to share part of their 2018-2019 winter reading lists. Here are a few of their picks, ranging from Central Asian history to Soviet festivals.

Farrukh Irnazarov, George F. Kennan Fellow, Kennan Institute


Talking North Korea in Hollywood

In Hollywood, North Korea means drama. Films like The Interview (2014) or Red Dawn (2012) entertain and alarm at the same time. The fictional story of an attempt by CIA agents to assassinate Kim Jong-un, The Interview caused North Korea to mount a cyberattack on the distributor, Sony Pictures Entertainment. In Red Dawn, a group of American high school students stand up against North Korean troops invading the U.S. mainland.

*EVENT CANCELED* A Centenary Celebration of Prokofiev and America

Due to a scheduling conflict, this event has been canceled.