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The Push and Pull for Hydropower in Vietnam and Cambodia

On September 7 2012, the largest of the eight dams on the Chinese side of the Upper Mekong (Lancang) River came online in Pu’er, Yunnan Province. The Nuozhadu hydroelectric station, Asia’s tallest dam, turned on the first of its nine generating units that hopes to supply 23.9 billion kilowatts of energy by 2014.1 Two months later, Laos announced that it was going ahead with the construction of the Xayaburi Dam and broke ground shortly thereafter, despite continued opposition from Cambodia and Vietnam. Indeed, like falling dominos, dams are cascading down the Mekong River.

Climate Change: Science, Impacts, Risks and Response

According to the recently released 5th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human influence on the climate system is clear and the warming of our climate system is unequivocal. The growing scientific evidence that humans are the leading factor in climate change brings a new understanding of the scope and fragility of our climate.

CEF Intern Katie Lebling Cited by Bloomberg Businessweek

One of CEF’s research briefs about China’s distant water fishing was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek. It was written by one of our former interns (spring 2013), Katie Lebling, now a second year student at Johns Hopkins SAIS concentrating in China studies and energy, resources, and the environment.

The State of the Oceans 2013: Acidification, Overfishing Major Threats to Ecosystem Health

“The rate of speed of change in the global oceans are greater than [that] of any time in known history,” said Karen Sack of the Pew Charitable Trust, speaking at the Wilson Center on November 13.

FAPESP Week 2013: North Carolina


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November 11, 2013 at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Location: University City Campus, Harris Alumni Center

09:00-09:30 Greetings and Opening Remarks

China’s Distant Water Fishing Industry

Cosponsored by China Environment Forum, Environmental Change and Security Program and Africa Program.

Making the Millennium Development Goals Sustainable

Next year, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), adopted by the United Nations after the Millennium Declaration, are set to expire. As they wind down, the global development community is taking stock.

Rock, Metal & Electronic

The discovery of gold in Sacramento Valley in 1848 drove three hundred thousand people to California, digging the ground and panning the rivers, chasing the dream of wealth in the Wild West. One and a half centuries later, China launched its own “Go West” movement with the Great Western Development Campaign. Over the past 15 years the central government has poured over half a trillion dollars into the west, aimed at raising the region’s economic standards while eyeing what attracted people to California in the mid-1800s: resources and wealth.