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Georgian-South Ossetian Confidence Building Processes

Dr. Susan Allen Nan will discuss the Georgian-South Ossetian relationship, including insights from the 14 Georgian-South Ossetian confidence building workshops she has convened over the past three years, the most recent of which was in January.  The series of unofficial dialogues catalyze other confidence building measures and complement the Geneva Talks official process.

Mexico Institute in the News: With Stake in Stability, Businesses in Mexico Help City Shaken by Violence

Three Mexico Institute Board Members were featured in a New York Times story highlighting the commitment of the business community in Monterrey, Mexico to help recruit vetted police forces, build confidence in state law enforcement institutions, and ensure stability and safety in Mexico’s industrial capital.

The New York Times, 1/10/2012

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexico’s Election Draws Eyes From Across Border

The Texas Tribune, January 7, 2012; reprinted via The New York Times; The Monitor, January 8, 2012

The Death of Trilateralism in the NAFTA Neighborhood: Views from the United States, Mexico, and Canada


Laura Dawson, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center
Antonio Ortiz Mena, Head of Section, Economic Affairs, Mexican Embassy
Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Canada Institute's Beyond the Border Initiative

The Wilson Center’s Canada Institute has launched a major initiative to measure the progress of the “Beyond the Border” agreement unveiled by President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border and Regulatory Cooperation Council Initiatives

Beyond the Border Action Plan

The Beyond the Border Action Plan sets out joint priorities for achieving a new long-term security partnership in four key areas, of  addressing threats early; promoting trade facilitation, economic growth, and jobs; strengthening cross-border law enforcement; and protecting shared critical infrastructure, including enhancing continental and global cybersecurity, guided by mutual respect for sovereignty and our separate constitutional and legal frameworks that protect individual privacy.

Why new U.S.-Canada border plan will boost manufacturing and Ohio exports: Laura Dawson and Paul Frazer

Laura Dawson comments on new U.S.-Canada border agreement

CTV news

Keystone will come up, but whether or not we can expect any movement? I'd be surprised to see that," said Laura Dawson, a policy scholar at the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

"There are a lot of political calculations in play right now, and pressure from Canada will not likely speed anything up."