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CEF Director Jennifer Turner was Interviewed by CTV News on China's Pollutions

CEF Director Jennifer Turner was interviewed by CTV News on China's pollutions. In the interview, she introduced the situation of different pollutions in China. Also, she talked about Chinese action to combat pollutions from both governmental perspective and civil society perspective.

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Chinadialogue Quoted CEF's Infograghic on Environmental Impacts of China’s Pork Industry


Huffington Post Quoted CEF's "Dam Rush" Interactive Map

In the article at Huffington Post, China Rivers at the Brink of Collapse, Peter Bosshard reported the negative environmental impacts in China that casued by its continuously dam building. 

INFOGRAPHIC: A Snapshot of China’s Wind Industry

Siqi Han

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CEF Director Jennifer Turner was Quoted at Metro on China's Water Pollution

In the latest report at Metro, 'Cancer villages' alert China to urgent water crisis,  CEF Jennifer Turner comments on Chinese ongoing water crisis. “Having said that, you have to keep in mind that every year for the past 40, China’s GDP has grown 10 per cent,” she says. “It doesn’t mean water had to pay this kind of price, but it has happened.” 

Surf and Turf: The Environmental Impacts of China’s Growing Appetite for Pork and Seafood

Half the world’s pigs – 476 million – reside in China.

CEF Director Jennifer Turner quoted by Vice News on the new amendments to China's Environmental Law

“This is a very positive sign. The time has come for some tougher reforms in China,” said Turner to Vice News when talking about the latest amendments to the country's environmental protection law which was submitted to the National People’s Congress on April 22nd, and just passed on April 24th. The increasingly polluted soil, air and food chain have not only raised the public awareness of environemental conservation, but also drawn the attention of Chinese policymakers. 

Book Talk with Kelly Sims Gallagher: The Globalization of Clean Energy Technology — Lessons from China

Energy-related goods account for more than ten percent of international trade, yet policy makers, academics, and the business community perceive barriers to the global diffusion of these emerging technologies. Using case studies from China’s solar photovoltaic, gas turbine, advanced battery, and coal gasification industries to examine both barriers and incentives in clean energy technology transfer, Kelly Sims Gallagher demonstrates that clean energy technologies already cross borders through foreign direct investment, licensing, joint R& D and other channels.

CEF Director Jennifer Turner interviewed by Radio Free Asia on the latest China Environmental Law amendments

 Official news agency Xinhua reported late on Apr 21, the amendments to China's 1989 environmental protection law have been submitted to the country's parliament for deliberation. The amendments, now in their fourth draft, are expected to enshrine environmental protection as the overriding priority of the Chinese government, and will also include provisions to help Beijing impose rules on powerful industrial interests.