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China Environment

CES 11 pp. 49-98

Feature Article: Lessons For Industrial Energy Efficiency Cooperation With China
By Stephanie B. Ohshita & Lynn Price

Feature Box: Role Models: Young and Old Community Members in China Inspire Local Action to Save Energy
By Matthew A. DeGroot

Feature Box: Building New Clean Water Networks in China: Challenges and Opportunities for Protecting Lake Tai
By Kexin Liu & Peter Marsters

Feature Box: Cooperative Competitors: Building New U.S.-China Energy and Climate Networks
By Peter Marsters

CES 11 pp. 99-130

Feature Article: Advancing Carbon Capture and Sequestration in China: A Global Learning Laboratory
By Liu Hongwei & Craig Hart

Feature Box: It’s Hard to Build a Skyscraper from the Sky Down: Paving the Way for Sub-national Cooperation on Climate Action Planning in the United States and China
By Thomas Peterson, Anne Devero & Zach Friedman

Commentary: Greening Their Grids: U.S.-Chinese Cooperation on Electricity from Renewables
By Derek Vollmer

CES 11 pp. 154-181

Feature Box: Exploring for Solutions to the Water Challenges on the East Mountain Plateau in Yunnan Province
By Patricia Kambesis

Commentary: Benchmarking Existing Building Performance: China’s Green Building Movement Gets a Critical Asset
By Xu Wei & Don Anderson

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Dams, Glaciers, and Ecological Migration: GreenRiver’s Work Protecting China’s Rivers
By Deng Wen (Translated by Ada Yue Wu & Kexin Liu)

CES 11 pp. 182-215

Commentary: A Vision of a Green Pearl River Delta: The NDRC’s 2008-2020 Outline Plan for the PRD, Christine Loh, Megan Pillsbury
By Andrew Lawson & Mike Kilburn

Commentary: Shifting Power in Central-Local Environmental Governance in China: The Regional Supervision Centers
By Scott Moore

Feature Box: Preparing for Humanitarian Disasters at the Third Pole
By Linden Ellis

CES 11 pp. 216-238

Feature Box: Sino-Italian Energy and Environmental Cooperation
By Natalie Matthews

Commentary: Eco-Farming: A Long-Term Strategy for Dealing with Climate Change
By Pan Wenjing (Translated by Ada Wu)

Commentary: Too Much of a Good Thing? Phosphorus Flows and Water
Eutrophication in China

By Marcy Nicks Moody

Commentary: Local Understanding of a Melting Glacier: Conversing with Lamas and Circumambulators in Shangri-La
By Zhou Lei

CES 11 pp. 239-294

Commentary: Sector-based Approaches to Measuring and Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: China’s Cement Industry
By Angel Hsu, Neelam Singh, and Ranping Song

Spotlight on NGO Activism: IFAW: Promoting Animal Welfare in China
By Grace Ge Gabriel

Spotlight on NGO Activism: NRDC: Leading the Way Towards Climate Solutions for China, Li Yang
Commentary Averting Another Toxics Disaster in China

By Arlene Blum

Commentary: Will China Emerge Greener from the Global Economic Downturn?
By Leo Horn-Phathanothai

CES 10 Full Publication

Authors in this issue of the China Environment Series examine many of China's environmental health challenges, with emphasis throughout on potential steps to address these problems through regulation, better research, greater NGO involvement, and international assistance.

CES 10 Feature Article, pp. 5-32

Feature Article, pp. 5-32
Seeing Through the Smog: Understanding the Limits of Chinese Air Pollution Reporting
By Steven Q. Andrews

Feature Box: Water and Environmental Health: BSR Takes Action to Break Southern China's Water Crisis
By Linda Hwang