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China Environment

CES 10 Feature Article, pp. 33-56

Environmental Mass Incidents in Rural China
By Ma Tianjie

Feature Box: Green Dragon Media Project
By Max Perelman

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Ensuring Clean Water for Communities in the Earthquake's Epicenter: A Child's Right Post-Disaster Relief Work in Sichuan
By Eric Stowe

CES 10 Commentaries, pp. 57-85

China's Mercury Problem: A Sleeping Giant?
By Celia Y. Chen

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Greening China's "Factory of the World:" Institute for Sustainable Communities in Guangdong
By Zhang Ye

Public Health and Air Pollution in Chinese Cities: Local Research with Global Relevance
By Sumi Mehta, Aaron J. Cohen, Davida Schiff, Daniel Greenbaum, Nick Moustakas, & Robert O'Keefe

Feature Box: Coal City: China Environmental Health Project Work in Huainan
By Wei-Ping Pan & Ma Tianjie

CES 10 Commentaries, pp. 86-116

Building Rural Models to Last: The Global Environmental Institute's Biogas Work in Western China
By Emmy Komada

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Greener Wishes for Grasslands in Inner Mongolia: Green Longjiang
By Zhang Yadong

Green Studen Forum: Beijing's Secret Garden of Growing Environmental Health Advocates
By Daniel Pulver

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Exploring China's River Heritage with China Rivers Project
By Kristen McDonald

CES 10 Commentaries, pp. 117-150

Environmental Management and Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities in China's Mobile Phone and Telecommunication Industries
By Jacob Park

Feature Box: Strategies for Decreasing the Carbon Footprint of Chinese Companies and Meeting Global Sustainability Challenges
By David Hathaway

Yours, Mine, Whose Water? Evolving Water and Property Rights in China
By Sonja Schiller

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Redefining the GMO Debate in China: Greenpeace China
By Lorena Luo

CES 10 Commentaries, pp. 151-185

Citizens Finding a Voice: Bottom-Up Politics in China's Nuclear Power Debate
Xiang Fang

Spotlight on NGO Activism: A Wake-Up Call to Polluting Companies
By Christine Boyle & Jing Chen

Provincial Impacts of Multilateral Cooperation: The Greater Tumen Initiative and Environmental Protection in Jilin
By See-Won Byun

Feature Box: SSRC's China Environment and Health Initiative
By Jennifer Holdaway

Double Benefits: Saving Energy and Reducing Emissions in Hainan
By Lei Bi & Qian Wang

CES 9 Full Publication

This special environmental health issue was made possible by support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and USAID.

Cover photo: Stephen Voss

CES 9 Feature Article, pp. 3-18

Assessing China's Response to the Challenge of Environmental Health
By Xiaoqing Lu & Bates Gill

Feature Box: Rapid Translation of Environmental Health Research into Policy and Action
By Rick Kreutzer

CES 9 Feature Article, pp. 19-42

Surf and Turf: Environmental and Food Safety Concerns of China's Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry
By Linden J. Ellis & Jennifer L. Turner

Feature Box: Greening China's Banks
By Christina Larson

CES 9 Feature Article, pp. 43-56

Is Guangdong the Dark Horse in Addressing Ecological and Human Health Threats?
By Kaleb Brownlow & Stephanie Renzi