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China Environment

CES 9 Commentaries, pp. 57-76

Choking On Sand: Regional Cooperation to Mitigate Desertification in China
By W. Chad Futrell

Feature Box: Driving Into the Ocean of Sand - Circle of Blue
By Jennifer L. Turner

Tackling Cross-Border Air Quality in Southern China
By Christine Loh

Institutionalizing Public Participation in AIDS Governance in China
By Fengshi Wu

Feature Box: EHP: A Portal to Environmental Heath Information in China
By Tanya Tillett

CES 9 Commentaries, pp. 77-97

High Tech's Toxic Legacy in China
By Jamie Choi

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Promoting Pesticide Eco-Alternatives
By Sun Jing

Feature Box: Highlights of International Energy Agency-China Initiatives
By Jonathan Sinton

Complex Tradeoffs: Urban Transport, Land Use, Air Quality, and Health in Chengdu
By Chris Nielsen

A Case Study in Indoor Air Pollution and Lung Cancer in Xuan Wei, China
By H. Dean Hosgood

Feature Box: Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution
By Derreck Vollmer

CES 9 Commentaries, pp. 98-116

Exploring a Forgotten River
By Baohua Yan

Spotlight on NGO Activism: A Child's Right: Brining Water Purification Systems to China's Orphanages
By Eric Stowe

Feature Box: Chang Lin Migrants' School Program
By Steve Kloos & Qing Zhao

A Call for Transparency: China's Emerging Anti-Nuclear Movement
By Wen Bo

An Olympian Task: Alleviating Health Threats From Beijing's Polluted Groundwater
By Laurel Meng Lelan Millar & Samantha L. Jones

CES 9 Commentaries, pp. 117-134

Breathing Better: Linking Energy and GHG Reduction to Health Benefits in China
By Kong Chiu, Yu Lei, Yanshen Zhang, & Dan Chen

Back to the Future: Bicycles, Human Health, & GHG Emissions in China
By Peter Koehn

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Shanghai Green Oasis
By Kang Hongli & Mayu Suzuki

Feature Box: China Holds the Key to Saving Wild Tigers
By Grace Ge Gabriel

Where the Wild Things Are...Sold
By Linden Ellis & Jennifer L. Turner

CES 9 Special Report, pp. 135-163

The China Environmental Health Project
By Jennifer Turner & Linden Ellis

Spotlight on NGO Activism: The Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots Program in China
By April Nigh

Water Resource Challenges in the Karst Regions of Southwest China
By Chris Groves

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Natural Resources Defense Council China Program
By Alex Wang

Reaching Out to the Community in Rural Yunnan's Karst Region
By Amelia Chung

CES 8 Full Publication

The newly redesigned China Environment Series 8 includes feature articles on legal advocacy in environmental public participation, the evolution of Chinese civil society, the country's thirst for foreign oil, and innovations in clean energy. CES 8 also includes a special report on water conflict resolution in the United States and China

CES 8 Feature Article, pp.3-26:

Legal Advocacy in Environmental Public Participation in China: Raising the Stakes and Strengthening Stakeholders
By Allison Moore and Adria Warren

Feature Box: Yuanmingyuan's Shifting Landscape: From Emperor's Resort to a Public Green Space
By Linden Ellis

Feature Box: The Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center

CES 8 Feature Article, pp.27-40:

China's Evolving Civil Society: From Environment to Health
By Drew Thompson and Xiaoqing Lu

Feature Box: The China Environmental Health Project