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China Environment

CES 8 Feature Article, pp.41-60:

Reducing China's Thirst for Foreign Oil: Moving Towards a Less Oil-Dependent Road Transport System
By Hongyan He Oliver

Feature Box: Ecological Behavior Among Adolescents in Hangzhou
By Jun Yu and Jocelyn Eikenburg

CES 8 Feature Article, pp.61-84:

Spurring Innovations for Clean Energy and Water Protection in China: An Opportunity to Advance Security and Harmonious Development
By Lu Zhi, Michael Totten, and Philip Chou

Feature Box: China, Nanotechnology, and the Environment
By Louise Yeung and Evan Michelson

CES 8 Commentaries, pp.85-104:

Energy Efficiency in China: Impetus for a Global Climate Policy Breakthrough?
By Anne Arquit Niederberger, Conrad U. Brunner, and Zhou Dadi*

China's Water-Short Cities: Some Number Games
By James E. Nickum and Yok-Shiu F. Lee

China's Cities Seize the Initiative: Strengthening Auto Emissions Control on the Streets
By Isabella Notar

Public Participation with Chinese Characteristics
By Margret J. Kim and Robert E. Jones

CES 8 Commentaries, pp.105-129:

The Third Wave of China's Grassroots Environmental Movement: Regional and Youth Environmental Organizations
By Wu Haoliang (Translated by Yan Baohua)

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Green Camel Bell--A Regional Hub for Environmental Protection Efforts in Lanzhou
By Brendan Snow, Global Greengrants Fund

Notes on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessments in China
By Lila Buckley

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Global Environment Institute
By Lila Buckley

CES 8 Commentaries, pp. 130-152:

The Difference a Legislature Makes: Administering Market-Driven Air Pollution Control Regulations in Taiwan and China
By Eric Zusman

A New Model for Chinese Rural Development? Industrial Agriculture and Renewable Energy in Rural China
By Ben Greenhouse

Prospects for Developing Meaningful Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making in China
By Christine Chung

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Pingnan Green Wins Court Case Against Chemical Company
By Melanie Pitkin, Global Greengrants Fund

CES 8 On the Way Towards Eco-Villages: Upgrading Energy Systems in Rural Hainan

Chinese translation of the above article of the same title. Translated by Lei Bi.

CES 8 Special Report Introduction, pp. 153-154:

The Navigating Peace Initiative's Water Conflict Resolution in the United States and China Special Report
By Dr. Jennifer L. Turner and Timothy Hildebrandt

CES 8 Special Report, pp.155-184:

Building Sustainable Solutions to Water Conflicts in the United States and China
By Michael Eng and Ma Jun

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China:
Perspectives on the 4th NGO Forum for International Environmental Cooperation
By Kristen McDonald

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China:
Chinese River Defender Yu Xiaogang Wins 2006 Goldman Environmental Prize for Asia

CES 8 Special Report, pp. 185-201:

NGO Strategies to Promote River Protection and Restoration
By S. Elizabeth Birnbaum and Yu Xiubo

Spotlight on NGO Activism in China: Chengdu Urban Rivers Association
By Betsy Damon

Special Report Box: Interbasin Transfers as a Water Conflict Resolution Mechanism: The Yellow River/Hai River Basin Transfers and the San Juan-Chama Project
By Jay F. Stein and Xuejun Wang

CES 8 Special Report, pp.202-211:

River Basin Commissions as a Mechanism for Mitigating and Resolving Conflicts
By Irene B. Brooks and Liu Hongxia

Special Report Box: Transboundary River Tensions--Opportunities for Collaboration
By Juli S. Kim and Michael Murphy