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China Environment

CES 8 Featured Meeting Summary, pp.212-216:

Cooperation or Competition for Energy: China and the North American Response
By Jennifer L. Turner

Feature Box: Evaluating Three Gorges Dam Resettlement Policies
By Laura A. Safdie

CES 7 Feature Article, pp. 1-15

The Challenge of Positive Influence: Managing Sustainable Development of the West-East Pipeline Project by Mike Seymour, Marilyn Beach, and Steve Laister

CES 7 Feature Article, pp. 17-32

China's Ecological Rehabilitation: The Unprecedented Efforts and Dramatic Impacts of Reforestation and Slope Protection in Western China by Runsheng Yin, Jintao Xu, Zhou Li, and Can Liu

CES 7 Feature Article, pp. 33-46

Quenching Beijing's Thirst: The Need for Integrated Management for the Endangered Miyun Reservoir by Christoph Peisert and Eva Sternfeld

CES 7 Feature Article, pp. 47-54

A Different Growing Season South of the Mountains: Guangdong Province Rethinks its Agricultural Development Model by Peter Riggs

CES 7 Commentaries, pp.55-60

Assessing the Achievements and Problems of Rural Resource Management Programs in Western China: A Case Study from Gansu Province by Seth Cook