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China Environment

CES 4 Summaries of Working Group on Environment in U.S.-China Relations Meetings---2000-2001, p. 77-86:

28 January 2000--Environmental Financing in China
9 February 2000--Environmental Financing in China--Multilateral Activities
8 March 2000--Overview of Recent U.S.-China Forum on Environment and Development and China's Response to Water Scarcity in the Hai River Basin

CES 4 Summaries, p. 87-96:

10 April 2000--United States Initiatives on Energy and Environment in China
14 April 2000--Environmental Protection in China's Tenth Five-Year Plan
31 May 2000--Environmental Nongovernmental Organizations in Mainland China and Taiwan

CES 4 Summaries, p. 97-118:

13 September 2000--Hazardous Waste Management in China: Testing the Limits of the Rule of Environmental Law Colloquium 1: The Nature and Scope of the Problem
11 October 2000--Conservation Financing in China
12 October 2000--Drugs, AIDS and Alternative Development in Burma
25 October 2000--Chinese Academy of Social Science, Center for Environment and Development Delegation
27 October 2000--Pressing for Freedom: A Report from Hong Kong
6 December 2000--Green NGOs and Environmental Journalism in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

CES 4 Inventory of Environmental Work in China

- United States Government Activities
- U.S. and International Nongovernmental and Academic Activities
- Chinese and Hong Kong Nongovernmental Activities
- Multilateral Organization Activities