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Tackling Microplastics on Our Own


Plastics, ranging from the circles of soda can rings to microbeads the size of pinheads, are starting to replace images of sewage for a leading cause of pollution – especially in the ocean [1]. The threats of plastics are pervasive, with current estimates placing over 250,000 tons of plastic floating around the world’s oceans [3].  

AAAS Colloquium on Citizen Science: A Panel and a Call to Arms

Citizen science has been around since the first non-scientist was interested in the field.  In the 1800s and 1900s, citizen science was supported by volunteers who appreciated research but—for past reasons ranging from institutional obstacles to a lack of experience or opportunity they were unable to become recognized professionally, even though many of them were learned enough in science and the scientific method to be functional scientists.  These motivated science enthusiasts collected data points, experiences, and observations largely on their own but resulted in contributions to a grea

2018 Vector-Borne and Water-Related Disease Workshop

NASA's GPM Disease Initiative and the Wilson Center are excited to be co-sponsoring a day-long Vector and Waterborne Disease Workshop that brings together leaders in epidemiology, public health, policy, and citizen science. The goal is to advance the dialogue and collaborate on actionable techniques for utilizing Earth Observation data for the understanding, monitoring, and prediction of emerging diseases.

Concept Note: Citizen Science Global Partnership

Professional science alone provides limited information, and often fails to engage or enable the public.  By involving members of the public in authentic scientific research, citizen science emphasizes collaborative intelligence and co-creation to help researchers and policymakers understand global problems and support local solutions.  But fully realizing the potential of citizen science requires coordination, mobilization, and partnership across geographies, sectors, and research domains.

Local Actions, Global Connections: Advancing Citizen Science with UN-Environment (UNEP)

Launching the African Citizen Science Association at United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya, with the UNEP Citizen Science Delegation.

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One billion people engaged in citizen science by 2020.

Citizen Science Association Data & Metadata Working Group: Report from CSA 2017 and Future Outlook

Authors: Anne Bowser, Peter Brenton, Rob Stevenson, Greg Newman, Sven Schade, Lucy Bastin, Alison Parker, Jessie Oliver*