Amazon Tipping Point

In the 1970s, Brazilian scientist Eneas Salati shattered the long held dogma that vegetation is simply the consequence of climate and has no influence on climate whatsoever (1).

Women on the Front Lines of Change: Empowerment in the Face of Climate and Displacement

In the wake of extreme weather and other climate change disruptions, women are disproportionately at risk of violence and displacement. At the same time, in their roles as providers, caretakers, and leaders, women around the world are already helping communities on the front lines of climate change adapt to changing realities. As more people migrate to find better lives, the work and leadership of women will be more important than ever to helping vulnerable communities cope with the effects of climate change.

Losing Newtok: A Story of Climate Change in Alaska


Resilience in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Areas of the Caribbean and United States have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Roger-Mark De Souza discusses how island nations and coastal communities are dealing with the aftermath and what can be done to ensure these regions have greater resilience in the face of stronger storms and natural disasters. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.