Cold War

Korea in the Bulgarian Archives, 1945-1995: An Introduction

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NKIDP Working Paper #5

Korea in the Bulgarian Archives: An Introduction

Jordan Baev and Soyoung Kim
September 2017

Gorbachev: His Life and Times

In his Gorbachev biography, William Taubman shows how a peasant boy turned into the Soviet system’s gravedigger, why the Communist regime allowed him to destroy it, why Gorbachev’s dream of democratizing the USSR foundered, how he and President Ronald Reagan turned out to be almost perfect partners, and why Gorbachev permitted Eastern Europe to abandon C

Educating Cold Warriors

Lessons on communism and the Soviet Union in American schools

China’s Foreign Ministry Archive: Open or Closed?

China seems determined to rewrite the past on its terms. It all starts in the archives.

The Return of Moscow in Pyongyang?

Despite a shared border, Russia has struggled to support North Korea

Park Chung Hee and Modern Korea: The Roots of Militarism, 1866-1945

For South Koreans, the twenty years from the early 1960s to late 1970s were the best and worst of times—a period of unprecedented eco­nomic growth and of political oppression that deepened as prosperity spread. In his latest book, Park Chung Hee and Modern Korea: The Roots of Militarism, 1866-1945 , historian Carter J.

North Korea, the Smuggler State

If the international community really wants to halt the North Korean nuclear program, it may need to catch more than a few boats.