Russia and China: A Strange Case of Convergence

After every meeting between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin, the two sides issue warm statements and stress their growing cooperation. Especially since the war in Ukraine began in 2014, Russia has tacked ever closer to China, shedding some of its traditional fear of its southern neighbor and seeking to compensate for strained relations with the West by closer ties to China. Beijing, meanwhile, is happy to have Russia on its side in disputes such as that over the South China Sea.

Finding Babel: Film Screening and Reception

Isaac Babel's writings are subversive masterpieces, challenging the ideology of the early Soviet Union, and resulting in his arrest and execution in 1940. On the 75th anniversary of Babel's execution, Finding Babel, from 7th Art Releasing, follows Andrei Malaev-Babel, his grandson, on a journey to come closer to some sense of truth. This was a special sneak-peak premier for the Washington, DC area. For more information about the film, please visit

From Post-Soviet to Neo-Soviet

In a series of polls conducted at various points over the past 25 years, the Levada Center has asked Russians about their nostalgia for the Soviet state and the reasons for its breakup. In the most recent sample (November 2016), 56 percent of respondents expressed regret about the Union’s collapse. This figure peaked in December 2000 at three quarters of those surveyed and has been above 50 percent all but once over the past quarter century (49 percent in the December 2012 sample).

Le Thanh Nghi’s Tour of the Socialist Bloc, 1965

CWIHP eDossier No. 77

Le Thanh Nghi’s Tour of the Socialist Bloc, 1965: Vietnamese Evidence on Hanoi’s Foreign Relations and the Onset of the American War

Pierre Asselin
November 2016

Russia Substitutes Politicized History for Politics

Last Saturday some of my friends had to line up for four to five hours to take part in this year’s remembrance ceremony for the victims of the Soviet terror. Initiated by the activist group Memorial, the event is an annual gathering at which people recite the names of those killed in the purges and extralegal executions that took place in the Soviet Union between the 1920s and the early 1950s.

Program Intern (Modern Korean History)

Spring Semester Application Deadline is 6 November 2016

Russia As a Mirror Image of Europe

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Russians have always been deeply interested in what is happening on the European continent. Europe matters to Russia so much that the past 500 years of our history have been driven by relations between the two. Will this centuries-old bond hold throughout the current time of troubles? 

Lev Simkin: “The Holocaust Began in Ukraine”

Among the tragedies of the Holocaust, Babi Yar occupies the singular position of being the largest massacre at its time: 33,771 people were murdered there over two days in September 1941. Even after all the murders of the Holocaust that followed, the killings at Babi Yar remain among the three or four largest massacres.

New Radio Free Europe Document Release

New documents obtained by A. Ross Johnson illuminated the controversial early years of Radio Free Europe.

Officials of the British Broadcasting Corporation went on four fact-finding visits to Radio Free Europe's headquarters in Munich during the 1950s. The two newly released documents below contain their candid assessments and recommendations for the new broadcaster.