The Trans - Atlantic South Partnership: Positions on Building a Mutually Beneficial Partnership with Africa

The U.S. has a major challenge on its hands: If the country does not come up with a well coordinated and timely strategy to ride Africa’s economic wave, not only will entities like China and the European Union continue to chip away at America’s strategic interests, the private sector will continue to sit on what a January 2013 Wall Street Journal article estimated to be USD $ 1.7 trillion in cash.

The Way of the Knife

This week on Dialogue at the Wilson Center our guest is Mark Mazzetti, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The New York Times where he serves as a national security correspondent.  A former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar, he is the author of the new book, “The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth.” In a world increasingly driven by scientific and technological breakthroughs, are we getting the information we need to understand the rapid changes and cho

Act of Congress: How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn’t

The founding fathers expected Congress to be the most important branch of government and gave it the most power. When Congress is broken—as its justifiably dismal approval ratings suggest—so is our democracy. Here, Robert G.

AGOA Policy Breakfast

On Thursday, April 25, House and Senate Members gathered in the Member’s Room of the Library of Congress for the first in a series of policy breakfasts on Africa-focused issues. The event, titled "Looking back at AGOA's history to inform its future," assembled over 100 representatives from foreign governments, NGOs, the private sector, DC-based think tanks, the White House, the Department of State and USAID. Experts discussed the origins of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and key opportunities and challenges that the U.S. Congress as reauthorization of AGOA nears.

Latin American Program in the News: U.S. officials await signal from new Mexican government on security ties

In its scope and goals, the Mérida Initiative is often compared to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which changed the economic relationship between the two countries, leading to $500 billion in annual U.S.-Mexico trade. Security matters, however, pose a more delicate question. Some Mexican law enforcement officials have expressed concern that over the years U.S. intelligence officials have become too comfortable on Mexican soil.

A Brief History of Congressional Reform Efforts

Congress has undergone many changes since World War II, most of which have had to do with adapting to the complexities of modern society and the commensurate growth in the Executive Branch bureaucracy and powers of the presidency. The first major post War reform efforts begun in 1945 and 1965 were premised on the belief that any institutional changes should be bicameral and bipartisan.

Congress Takes Recess From Pro Formas

A silent spring descended on House and Senate chambers March 25 when Congress left town for its two-week break. During five recesses last year, banging gavels reverberated in both nearly empty chambers as designated presiding officers convened and adjourned pro forma sessions in a matter of seconds. The hapless victims: House and Senate floor staff.

Latin American Program in the News: Chavez Heir to Be Sworn in as Vote Dispute Roils Investors

Nicolas Maduro will be sworn in as Venezuela’s president today as a dispute over the election and his post-campaign rhetoric undermines investor confidence in how the government will manage the world’s largest oil reserves.

Moynihan’s Moment & North Korean Sabre Rattling

On this episode of Dialogue at the Wilson Center we look back at the legacy of the late great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan with the help of Gil Troy,  Professor of History at McGill University and the author of Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight Against Zionism as Racism. Also, joining us to remember her father is Maura Moynihan, daughter of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. In our second segment we speak with Asia Program Fellow Hazel Smith about continued North Korea sabre rattling towards the U.S.

Wilson Forum - U.S. Ambassadors to Mexico: The Relationship Through Their Eyes

On Wilson Forum  three former U.S. ambassadors to Mexico sit down with author and journalist Dolia Estévez to discuss her latest book, U.S. Ambassadors to Mexico: The Relationship Through Their Eyes.  The book offers a first-hand account of how U.S. ambassadors see their own role in this vital relationship. Panelists include John D.