Rethinking U.S.-Mexico Security Strategy

 “And so we have an initiative underway where the senior members of the Mexican Government will be coming up here on May the 18th to participate in an interagency process with us to see if we can get at transnational organized crime and begin to break these organized crime units up.“  Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson speech to Department of State employees, May 3, 2017. 

La Impunidad Sigue: Violence against Journalists in Mexico

In yet another disturbing attack against freedom of expression in Mexico, one of the country’s most celebrated reporters, Javier Valdez Cárdenas, was shot and killed this week in his hometown of Culiacán, Sinaloa. The sixth journalist to be murdered in Mexico this year, Valdez was pulled from his car and shot multiple times by unidentified assailants around noon on May 15th, leaving the country to grieve the loss, again, of courageous journalist and rights defenders.

Target Interventions to Reduce Homicides in Mexico

Violencias y criminalidad en las principales ciudades andinas: Caracterización y políticas públicas


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Local Approaches to Addressing Crime and Violence in Latin America


Local Approaches to Addressing Crime and Violence in the Americas: How Smarter Policing and Decentralized Approaches Can Help

Violence and Crime in Major Andean Cities: Characteristics and Public Policies


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Closing Elephant-Sized Loopholes in the Illegal Wildlife Trade: CITES CoP17 and the Path Forward

The illegal wildlife trade has seen a dramatic and lucrative resurgence in the past few years. Some of the world’s most iconic species—elephants, rhinos and tigers—are being poached to the brink of extinction to feed the international market.

Infographic | World Press Freedom Index 2016: Mexico & the OECD