Research Round Up: Citizen Science at CSCW 2017

The annual ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW)—held this year from Febuary 25th to March 1st in Portland, Oregon—is a venue for presenting research on the technical, social, material, and theoretical challenges of designing technology to support collaborative work and life activities. Research on crowdsourcing and citizen science had a big presence at CSCW this year, with one workshop and at least five papers exploring this paradigm.

Scholarly Publication: Accounting for Privacy in Citizen Science

In citizen science, volunteers collect and share data with researchers, other volunteers, and the public at large. Data shared in citizen science includes information on volunteer location or other sensitive personal information; yet, volunteers do not typically express privacy concerns. This study uses the framework of contextual integrity to understand privacy accounting in the context of citizen science, by analyzing contextual variables including roles; information types; data flows and transmission principles; and, uses, norms, and values.

BOOK REVIEW: Citizen Science - How Ordinary People are Changing the Face of Discovery

By Caren Cooper

The Overlook Press: New York, NY, 2016

NYT: Our Genes, Their Secrets

Published in The New York Times, June 18, 2013,

Tailor Made Sleeve implant to prevent aortic enlargement for people with Marfan Syndrome


About the inventor

Tal Golesworthy is an engineer suffering from a genetic disease called Marfan Syndrome. These diseases affect the conjunctive tissue that holds the organs together. One of the most life threatening effects of this syndrome is the continuous enlargement of the aorta, which can be life threatening it if burst.