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Cyber Security

Kennan Cable No. 41: A Cyber Treaty With Russia

Prospects for meaningful cyber negotiations with the Russian Federation, let alone a bilateral agreement or cyber treaty, seem almost impossible to imagine today. Our anguish over Russia’s meddling in American elections, preoccupation with alleged ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government during the recently concluded Mueller investigation, and major disagreements on geopolitical issues including Ukraine, Syria, and Venezuela, have left us at an impasse.

Cyber-Insecurity: How to Improve America's Digital Defenses

America isn’t optimizing its digital defenses. Today, U.S. government efforts to defend information systems, protect critical infrastructure, and respond to incidents are based on a combination of Department-by-Department actions, frequently isolated regulations, and an uneven culture of information-sharing between industry, government, and the security research community.  Although there are many positive initiatives underway, the current environment can be characterized more as independent actions with brittle boundaries than a sufficiently empowered government organization.  

Platform Patrol: China, the United States, and the Global Battle for Data Security

Ukraine’s 2019 Elections: Preparing for More Russian Cyberattacks


Lies, Bots, and Social Media: Global Fellow Nina Jankowicz Testifies Before Helsinki Commission

At this Helsinki Commission briefing, Global Fellow Nina Jankowicz  and other distinguished experts will examine the implications of computational propaganda on national and international politics and explore options available to Congress and the private sector to confront and negate its pernicious influence.


The Real Challenges of Artificial Intelligence: Automating Cyber Attacks

Most cyber attacks today do not occur instantaneously with the push of a button. They are resource and time-intensive endeavors (especially the reconnaissance phase), that are orchestrated by humans and unfold at human speeds; the time and resources needed by the adversary are directly proportional to the quality and level of defenses employed on the network.

The Changing Mobility Ecosystem: Our Autonomous Future

By Jeremy Spaulding, Emma Grossman, Aidan Reilly Giunta

Corresponding Author: Jeremy Spaulding