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U.S.-China Cybersecurity Cooperation Needs to Move More Rapidly

The United States and China have wildly different visions for the future of the Internet. But they have shared interests in a secure, dynamic digital economy, Microsoft’s Jing de Jong-Chen argues – enough common ground to make progress on international norms.


A National Debate on Encryption — Now

The battle over the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting last year has ended in a truce. Hours before Apple and the Justice Department would have faced off in court, the FBI announced it had found a new way to get data off the device. In Silicon Valley — and far beyond — many sighed with relief.

Codex - Safeguards

1. Encryption
a. A method of securing data, either for storage or for communication, that better
protects its confidentiality and integrity
b. Example: Windows’ BitLocker can be used to encrypt hard disks so that the data
cannot be read by unauthorized users.
2. End-to-End Encryption

Codex - A Common Language for Cybersecurity

For many who want to learn more about cybersecurity, knowing where to start can be difficult. Non-technical audiences—especially policymakers—are often separated from experts by a language gap ( just look at

Codex - Building Blocks

1. What is code?
a. Computer language consisting of instructions and information
b. Example: A software developer writes code for a new program in one of a variety of
languages, such as C#. Eventually, all instructions to the computer are converted to
binary machine language, zeros and ones.

2. What makes up a network?

FBI needs to offer Apple an olive branch

When the FBI announced that it had found a way to crack the San Bernardino, California, gunman's phone -- a path forward that wouldn't require conscripting Apple to produce custom software -- the stage seemed set for a thaw.

Cybersecurity & Innovation: It's the States, Stupid

Second term Governor John Hickenlooper will give a special talk about efforts in Colorado to address a rise in cyber threats while also driving innovation and creating jobs. As Federal support for cyber incidents begins to focus on the most high-level targets, leaving states and their businesses and non-profits to fend for themselves in the event of a breach, new solutions are necessary.