Book Launch: “The Oxford Handbook of Nigerian Politics”

With the largest population and economy in Africa, Nigeria has an outsized impact on the continent. On the eve of Nigeria’s presidential election on February 16, many questions remain about how the next president will address some of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the country today. Despite Nigeria’s vibrant society and economic importance, severe income inequality, corruption, separatism, and armed insurgencies—including the nearly decade-long Boko Haram insurgency—have proven to be intractable problems.

Government or Revolution?

In the historical vision of the Left, the government was not the product of an election but rather as the result of a revolution or, in any case, as a takeover. The objective was power and the means for acquiring it were least in importance: assumption of power to change the world.

What To Look For in 2019: The Year Ahead in Asia

America In Search of an Asia Strategy

Bangladesh’s 2018 National Election: What To Expect

On December 30, Bangladeshis go to the polls for an election that some observers have described as its most important in years. Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Asia Program and senior South Asia associate at the Wilson Center, and William Milam, a Wilson Center senior scholar and former U.S. ambassador to Bangladesh, sit down with Bangladeshi journalist Mushfiqul Fazal to discusses what’s at stake for Bangladesh and what the implications are for U.S. policy and interests.

How To Understand the Nicaraguan Crisis

The shocking killings of student and other protestors in Nicaragua earlier this year galvanized many Nicaraguans and drew renewed international attention to a country once considered one of the most stable in Central America. What caused this once-peaceful country to erupt in April 2018?

2018 Brazilian Election Results: Initial Takeaways on Political Renewal and the Role of Women

Historically high turnover rates and gains in female representation are encouraging, but political renewal remains in question.