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Ordinary Opinions of Everyday Mexicans: Polling from the 1940s-2012


Democratizing Mexican Politics, 1982-2012


The 2015 Election

For the latest polling numbers, analysis and opinion on the 2015 elections, please visit The Mexico Institute's 2015 Elections Guide will be updated daily and will provide a one-stop shop for English language information on the vote.


"Were You Mistreated?": Interrogation in Mexico

This infographic charts data gathered from a survey conducted by Roberto Hernandez that asks Mexican prison inmates in the State of Mexico and DF if they were mistreated during their interrogations.

For a larger version of the infographic, click here or download the pdf version below.

Who’s Afraid of the Fact-Checker?

The practice of fact-checking politicians’ claims has grown from its initial use by a small group of American journalists to an international movement in journalism with new fact-checking ventures emerging in countries around the globe. Why has fact-checking become such an important part of journalism? How do politicians react to being corrected? How effective are fact-checkers in holding power to account?

Mexico: The Unbearable Cost of Distrust

Trust is at the heart of Mexico’s challenges today. The lubricant of the economic engine, trust enables market exchanges, reduces transaction costs for business, upholds security and peace, and makes institutions and the political system work. Distrust, in turn, creates unnecessary costs, incentivizes negative behaviors, and can become a huge burden for productivity and for growth.

Democracy in Ukraine: A Conversation With 2014 Ion Ratiu Award Winner Mustafa Nayyem

In this feature length edition of Wilson Center NOW, newly elected Member of Parliament, Mustafa Nayyem, shares his thoughts on the state of democracy in Ukraine, the ongoing conflict with Russia, and his transition from journalism to politics.  Nayyem is the 2014 recipient of the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award.

Crossroads or Crisis? The Future of the Mexican Left

Mexican political parties across the spectrum face challenges due to recent security breakdowns, issues of corruption, and a decline in public faith in governance. Though not alone in the process, left-wing parties in Mexico, including the PRD, Partido del Trabajo, and Morena, are going through an important period of change, presenting an opportunity for us to reflect on the future of the Mexican left.