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Half a Chance: Youth Bulges and Transitions to Liberal Democracy

"The dissipation of a large youth bulge tends to yield relative political calm," says Richard Cincotta. On the other hand, democratic gains under youth-bulge conditions "face unfavorable odds." Using age-structure data, he assesses the fragility of existing liberal democracies and forecasts when new ones will emerge.

Beginning the Demographic Transition: Very Young and Youthful Age Structures

From 1970-2000, "only 13 percent of countries with a very young age structure had fully democratic governments, compared with 83 percent of countries with a mature age structure," points out Elizabeth Leahy, who compares and contrasts age structures' connection to conflict in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, and Pakistan.

Sustained Development, Democracy, and Peace in Africa

When the Norwegian Nobel Committee honored me with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, it intended to send a new and historic message to the world: to rethink peace and security. It wanted to challenge the world to discover the close linkage between good governance, sustainable management of resources, and peace. In managing our resources, we need to realize that they are limited and need to be managed more sustainably, responsibly, and accountably.