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#143 The Breakdown of Democracy in Uruguay: Alternative Political Models

By Charlie G. Gillespie


From the Introduction

#100 Bolivia's Failed Democratization of 1977-1980

By Laurence Whitehead

This paper analyzes the failed attempt to replace military authoritarian rule by civilian constitutional government in Bolivia between 1977 and 1980. The Bolivian case is evaluated from the comparative perspective provided by the Wilson Center Latin American Program's collaborative project on "Transitions from Authoritarian Rule in Latin America and Southern Europe."

#211 Women and the Transition to Democracy: The Impact of Political and Economic Reform in Latin America

By Jane Jaquette, Norma Stoltz Chinchilla, María de los Angeles Crummett, and Mayra Buvinic


From the Preface

The Latin American Program is pleased to publish the following work as part of its occasional Working Paper series. The collection of essays was commissioned by the Program for the conference, "Women and Democracy in Latin America: The Argentine Case," held at the Wilson Center on February 28 and March 1, 1994.

#198 New Democracies, Which Democracies?

By Francisco C. Weffort


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#213 Nicaragua's Search for Democratic Consensus: A Conference Report

By Cynthia J. Arnson, Joseph S. Tulchin, and Bernice Romero


Table of Contents

I. Acknowledgments

II. Introduction

Ill. Notes on the Nicaraguan Transition
David R. Dye

IV. Rapporteur's Report*

Panel I: A Framework for Discussion

Panel II: Obstacles to Political Consensus and Economic Growth