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#198 New Democracies, Which Democracies?

By Francisco C. Weffort


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#213 Nicaragua's Search for Democratic Consensus: A Conference Report

By Cynthia J. Arnson, Joseph S. Tulchin, and Bernice Romero


Table of Contents

I. Acknowledgments

II. Introduction

Ill. Notes on the Nicaraguan Transition
David R. Dye

IV. Rapporteur's Report*

Panel I: A Framework for Discussion

Panel II: Obstacles to Political Consensus and Economic Growth

#196 Politics, Policymaking, and Democratization: Focus on the Andes

By Catherine Conaghan, James Malloy, Juan Antonio Morales, Guido Pennano, Joan Nelson


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#193 Eastern Europe, Latin America and Comparative Politics

By Genaro Arriagada and Rudiger Dornbush


#219 Public Life in the Time of Alberto Fujimori

By Catherine Conaghan with comments by Carlos Basombrio Iglesias


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#224 Junior Scholars Training Program 1995-96

By Rut Diamint, Ana Julia Faya, and Ricardo Sennes


Table of Contents


El gobierno norteamericano ante el caso del Condor II: Sistema burocratico y toma de decisiones
Rut Diamint
Professor at Universidad Di Tella

The Changes in the Inter-American System in the 1990s
Ana Julia Faya
Researcher at Centro Felix Varela

#225 Presidentialism in Brazil: The Impact of Strong Constitutional Powers, Weak Partisan Powers, and Robust Federalism

By Scott Mainwaring


From the Preface

This working paper represents part of the research of Scott Mainwaring, professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame, while a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in 1995-1996. Each year, the Wilson Center hosts prominent scholars from around the world, providing them with support for their research and enabling them to share their results with a wider audience.

#227 The Cardoso Administration at Midterm: A Rapporteur's Report from the Conference at the Woodrow Wilson Center on February 25, 1997

By Jane Marcus-Delgado and Ralph Espach

This report was prepared by Jane Marcus-Delgado, doctoral candidate in Latin American Studies at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The John Hopkins University, and Ralph Espach, Research Assistant at the Latin American Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. It summarizes the presentations and discussion from an all-day conference held at the Wilson Center on February 25, 1997.


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#234 Junior Scholars Training Program 1996-97

By Lilian Bobea, Rosa Luz Durán, Margarita López Maya, Rebecca Tortello


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