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#165 Political Parties and Democratic Consolidation: The Brazilian Case

By Bolivar Lamounier and Rachel Meneguello


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#161 Jamaica's Democratic Socialist Path: An Evaluation

By Evelyne Huber Stephens and John D. Stephens



#160 Reckoning with the Central American Past: Economic Growth and Political Issues

By Héctor Pérez Brignolli


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#259 Brazilian Ministry of Culture Public Policy Scholars, 2000-2002

By Thaís Battibugli, Amâncio Jorge de Oliveira, Francisco Rogido Fins, and João Paulo M. Peixoto


Table of Contents

Washington Dissensus: In Search for the Proper Role of the State in Brazil After a Decade of Structural Reforms
João Paulo Peixoto

Business-State Relations, Corporatism and Internationalization: Brazil and the United States in a Comparative Perspective
Amâncio Jorge de Oliveira

Political Culture of the Cold War in Brazil (1947-1964)
Thaís Battibugli

#252 Transition or Restructuring of Society: The Case of Mexico

By Ilán Bizberg, El Colegio de México


From the Introduction

The victory by the National Action Party (PAN) in the July 2, 2000 elections in Mexico which ended the 71 year rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has not only raised the expectations of the Mexican populace regarding the future of the country, but it has paved the way for discussing the transformations that have been occurring over the last 20 years in Mexico, and their possible outcome.

#254 Contemporary Political Discourse in Mexico

By José Luis Orozco, UNAM


From the Preface

#1 The Nature of the Mexican State

By Susan Kaufman Purcell and John F.H. Purcell