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Book Launch--Beyond Free and Fair: Monitoring Elections and Building Democracy

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Outcomes of the October 3 Presidential and General Elections in Brazil

Five hours after the voting polls closed in Brazil, Brazil's Superior Electoral Court announced that 97 percent of the votes had been counted and the runoff between Dilma Rousseff (Workers' Party/PT) and José Serra (Social Democracy Party/PSDB) was set. Why was Rousseff unable to win the election in the first round?

Media Briefing on the Presidential Election in Brazil

Media Briefing on the Presidential Election in Brazil

Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute
Ricardo Mendes, Executive Director, Prospectiva Consultoria
João Augusto de Castro Neves, Political Analyst, CAC Consultoria

Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award

On Sept 21st, the Brazil Institute honored President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service in a dinner chaired by Eike Batista, Chairman and CEO of the Brazilian EBX Group, and Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil. The award was presented to the Brazilian president by the chairman of the Woodrow Wilson International Center of Scholars Board of Trustees, Joseph B. Gildenhorn, board member Charles L. Glazer, and the Center's President and Director, Lee H. Hamilton.

V Symposium on International Trade

The V Symposium on International Trade this year took place right in the height of the global financial crisis, which allowed for a valuable conference on the importance of international trade relationships fostered by both Brazil and the United States.

Strengthening Watershed Management in Southwest China

The China Environment Forum is hosting Yu Xiaogang, founder of one of China's leading environmental NGOs Green Watershed and winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2006, to talk about his work on promoting citizen involvement with watershed management in Yunnan Province.

U.S. Intelligence Estimates on Latin American Revolutionary Movements, 1947-1987

The Cold War International History Project and the Latin American Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars presents U.S. Intelligence Estimates on Latin American Revolutionary Movements, 1947-1987.

Stability and Democracy in Albania: Clearing the Path towards European Integration


A Blow to Democracy: Election Fraud, Corruption and Political Violence in Albania

Erion Veliaj, a former civil society activist and coordinator of the Albanian opposition parties, discussed the demonstration held on January 21, 2011. The demonstration ended in violence, with four shot and killed by the Republican Guard. Prime Minister Sali Berisha characterized the event as an attempted coup d'état in an attempt to justify the violent response, and said that the demonstrators had been carrying weapons disguised as umbrellas.