Nasrin Sotoudeh: The Pride of Iran

Nasrin Sotoudeh, the fearless Iranian human rights lawyer, was sentenced in March to a lengthy prison term, based on multiple charges, including propaganda against the state, advocating against the death sentence, membership in a human rights organization, appearing in public without the hijab, disturbing public order, and “encouraging corruption and prostitution.” Sotudeh was already serving a five year prison sentence probably for representing a group of women who, in protest against the forced wearing of the hijab, removed their head covering in public.

War and Peace in Ukraine’s Presidential Race


Brexit Confusion Reigns in London

With 19 days left before Britain formally exits the European Union on March 29, the House of Commons once again rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's latest withdrawal agreement. A deflated and exasperated May has now promised a ‘free vote’ tomorrow in parliament where MPs will decide, without pressure from the government, whether Britain should leave the EU without a deal.

AMLO Can't Bend the Mexican Economy to his Will

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) appears imperious and unassailable as he passes the 100-day mark of his presidency.

His approval rating with the Mexican public is between 78-86 percent, his Morena party controls both chambers of Congress as well as a majority of the state-level legislatures, and he controls the Mexican news cycle through his daily press conferences that take place every morning at the National Palace.

AMLO is experiencing a prolonged honeymoon with the Mexican public and is clearly enjoying every minute of it.

Call for Applications: 2020 Ion Ratiu Democracy Fellowship

Building on the accomplishments of the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award (2005-2016), the Ion Ratiu Democracy Fellowship (IRDF) supports individuals around the world who are working on behalf of democracy as activists or intellectuals, whether they are in exile from repressive regimes or operating within emerging democracies.