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New Brazilian Election Poll Aggregator Launched by Poder360

On July 30, Poder360—one of Brazil’s most prominent digital journalism outlets—announced the release of a free online interactive tool used to aggregate election polling data since the year 2000. The tool, which is the largest of its kind in Brazil, displays polling data for federal, state, and local elections from reputable sources such as Datafolha, Ipespe, Istoé, and others.

Candidates, Voters, and Bots: The Forces at Play in the October 2018 Brazilian Elections

More than 150 million Brazilian voters will go to the polls on October 7 to choose a new president, 27 governors, and hundreds of representatives at the federal and state levels. It is likely to be the most consequential election that Brazil has seen since the reinstatement of democracy in the 1980s. It is also proving to be one of the hardest to predict, as the electorate remains skeptical of the political class four years into an unprecedented corruption investigation that has now seen the imprisonment of leading political figures and businessmen.