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AMLO at 100 Days

On March 10, 2019, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador completed the first 100 days of his six-year term. Much has already transpired, from AMLO's decision to definitively halt the construction of Mexico City’s New International Airport to the suspension of oil bids and auctions for renewables to raising the minimum wage.

AMLO 100 Days: Impressing Radical Change and Building Unrestrained Power

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the new president of Mexico, has dedicated his first one hundred days in office to accomplish two, in his view, strategic goals.

The Vision and the Power Grab

One hundred days to consolidate a power grab. That seems to be the rationale and, gradually, the reality. López Obrador arrived at the presidency with an agenda but not with a plan: the agenda is to backtrack on anything and everything that was built and created after 1982. The plan does not go further than centralizing power in order to recreate the old order and, maybe, to introduce reelection into the Constitution.

Combating Corruption in Ukraine: The Candidates’ Remedies


Corruption remains an intractable problem in Ukraine. It stands in the way of the country’s economic development and has unduly affected the lives of ordinary citizens, who gain no benefit from it. The upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for March 31, will offer voters an opportunity to weigh in on which of the candidates’ proposed remedies they prefer.

He Plays a President On-Screen. Why Do Ukrainians Want to Vote for a Sitcom Star?


How to Handle Pakistan's New Hardliners

Last year, Pathways to Change – Pakistan Policy Symposium, a two-day event jointly organized by the Wilson Center and INDUS, convened expert scholars, academics, and practitioners from the United States and Pakistan to explore Pakistan’s recent achievements in economic, political, and foreign affairs as well as its opportunities to address current and future challenges. Speakers and panelists focused on identifying practical, innovative, and above all actionable policy solutions.

China-Venezuela Economic Relations: Hedging Venezuelan Bets with Chinese Characteristics

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China is Venezuela’s largest bilateral lender as well as a source of diplomatic support. Yet for half a decade Beijing has been steadily unwinding its financial ties with the struggling South American nation.

Moldova’s Upcoming Election: What’s at Stake?


Pressure Mounting in Venezuela: Can Maduro Survive?

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we discuss the continuing political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela with Cynthia Arnson, director of the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program.  Are Nicolás Maduro’s domestic and foreign allies beginning to waver in their support and how could the politicization of humanitarian aid affect the Venezuelan population?


Presidential Elections in Ukraine: Candidates and Chances


Ukraine has entered a super-election year. Presidential elections are scheduled for March 31, with an expected run-off election to be held in April, and parliamentary elections are slated for October. These elections will be a test of the political system established after the Euromaidan.