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The 1967 Purge of the Gapsan Faction and Establishment of the Monolithic Ideological System

NKIDP e-Dossier no. 15
The 1967 Purge of the Gapsan Faction and Establishment of the Monolithic Ideological System

Introduced by James F. Person

The Carter Chill: US-ROK-DPRK Trilateral Relations, 1976-1979

A collection of archival documents on inter-Korean, US-ROK and DPRK-Communist bloc relations from 1976 through 1979 compiled in preparation for the 3-4 December 2013 critical oral history conference "The Carter Chill: US-ROK-DPRK Trilateral Relations, 1976-1979." The volume consists of selected documents from archives in the United States, South Korea, (East) Germany, Romania, Hungary, Australia, the United Kingdom, the former Yugoslavia, and the United Nations. The briefing book is organized chronologically,

Global Fellow Enrico Fardella Publishes Chapter on Sino-Italian Normalizaion

Wilson Center Global Fellow Enrico Fardella has published a book chapter entitled "The Normalization of Relations between Italy and the People's Republic of China" in a new volume, Italy’s Encounters with Modern China: Imperial Dreams, Strategic Ambitions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), edited by Maurizio Marinelli and Giovanni Andornino.

Review of Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland, Volume 24

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland is the work of a group of historians under the auspices of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences who search the Federal Archives in Bern for pertinent documents that they then make available to the public. Their online database Dodis (dodis.ch), with thousands of documents, e-dossiers and information on actors and organizations is a treasure chest for those interested in Swiss foreign policy. A select number of particularly pertinent documents are published in their printed DDS volumes, which are comparable

HAPP Digital Archive Wins the 2013 Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History

A project of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program, “Digital Archive: International History Declassified,” has been selected as the winner of the 2013 Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History. The Rosenzweig Prize is awarded annually in honor and support of work on an innovative and freely available new media project that reflects thoughtful, critical, and rigorous engagement with technology and the practice of history.

Indonesia and the World, 1965-66

Washington History Seminar
Historical Perspectives on International and National Affairs

“Indonesia and the World, 1965-66”
Bernd Schaefer

Baskara T. Wardaya