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Former CWIHP Director Quoted in The Washington Post

Former CWIHP Director and George Washington University Associate Professor of History and International Affairs James G. Hershberg was quoted in The Washington Post's "The Fact Checker" column. Hershberg was interviewed in connection with former Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's assertion that U.S. technology exchanges with Moscow during detente were taken advantage of by the Soviets as a means of advancing their military programs.

Brazil, Argentina, and the Road to the NPT

For several decades Argentina and Brazil sought to develop their own indigenous nuclear programs and tried to resist the expansion of the global non-proliferation regime. Deep mutual suspicion coupled with status competition colored their relationship and their standing in the face of the major nuclear powers.

CWIHP Senior Scholar A. Ross Johnson publishes article in the Hoover Digest

CWIHP Senior Scholar A. Ross Johnson published an article in the Hoover Digest entitled Today's Liberation Technologies. In the article, the former Radio Free Europe director points out that despite changes in technology, 'free people need free information' today just as they did during the Cold War.

Visit www.hoover.org read the article in full.

Book Launch: <i>The Washington Diaries: 1981-1989</i>

Author and journalist Christopher Ogden will have a conversation with Allan Gotlieb about his experiences as Canada's Ambassador to the United States from 1981 to 1989. Click HERE to see the invitation.