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Disaster Management

Report Launch | The Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Recovery: Q&A with Ken Conca and Anita van Breda

Recognizing the need to address environmental challenges in the wake of war and disaster, American University’s School of International Service and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) joined together to launch the project “Environmental Dimensions of Sustainable Recovery: Learning from Post-Conflict and Disaster Response Experience.” As representatives of a leading conservation NGO (World Wildlife Fund) and a professional graduate school with extensive expertise in environment, development, and conflict resolution (American University’s School of International Service), Anita van Breda and Ken Conc

Double Jeopardy: Combating Nuclear Terror and Climate Change

As the consequences of climate change grow ever more dire, it seems imperative that we use every alternative to carbon-based fuels—but does this include nuclear energy? 

Disaster Security: Using Intelligence and Military Planning for Energy and Environmental Risks (Book Launch)

From glacier melt in the Andes and hurricanes in New York and Hawaii, to hybrid disasters, cyber operations, and geoengineering, the US military and intelligence community harnesses the foresight provided by scenarios, simulations, and disaster planning to anticipate environmental and security-related disasters.

Water as a Tool for Resilience in Times of Crisis

Water serves as a tool for resilience only when access to it is consistent and the system for making it consistent is in place, said David De Armey, Director of International Partnerships for Water for Good, an international NGO. He spoke at a recent Wilson Center event, “Water as a Tool for Resilience in Times of Crisis,” the second event in a three-part series, Water Security for a Resilient World, sponsored by the Wilson Center, Winrock International, the Sustainable Water Partnership, and USAID.

Preparing for the Unpredictable: The ADB and Natural Disasters, Trade Disputes

In its latest annual report on regional growth prospects, the Asian Development Bank focuses on the impact of natural disasters and ensuring resilience. Join us for a discussion on the causes of disasters, how insurance systems and other market mechanisms could impact risks, and the role of government including infrastructure development and recovery assistance.