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Kennan Cable No. 33: A Russian Pivot to Asia? Russian Trade with Asia from 2006 to 2016

Photo Caption: Russian President Vladimir Putin with Chinese President Xi Jingping during the APEC Summit. Beijing, 10 November 2014



Asserting Taiwan’s International Space: The Challenges Ahead for Taipei’s Leadership

Taiwan’s unique status in the world has come under greater pressure in recent months as China steps up efforts to challenge Taipei’s global standing. Taiwan remains a leading Asian economy and a vibrant democracy. Yet strained cross-Strait relations have made it increasingly difficult for Taipei to ensure its standing in the international arena. Join us for a discussion on the political, security, and social challenges ahead for Taiwan, and how Taiwan may be able to overcome some of its vulnerabilities to ensure a stable and prosperous future.

Africa Program Director Monde Muyangwa Presents to the Wilson Center Global Advisory Council

News about Africa is often dominated by negativity, especially in terms of conflict, corruption, famine, terrorism, and poor governance. This undue focus on Africa’s challenges often obscures the positive transformation taking place on the continent. On March 29th,  2018, Africa Program Director Monde Muyangwa presented on “Emerging Africa: An Overview of Key Trend Lines,” to the Wilson Center’s Global Advisory Council. The presentation offered an analysis on some of the positive trends and trajectories in Africa’s governance, economic, and security realms.

U.S. Trade, North Korea Policies Bring Asia’s Biggest Economies to Table

North Korea continues to dominate the headlines as all eyes are now on Kim Jong-un’s upcoming meeting with President Donald Trump. But while Pyongyang’s overtures to the outside world have repercussions for peace far beyond East Asia, there is also another significant development in the region that has not garnered as much media attention as what is happening in the Korean Peninsula, but is at least as significant for the region in the longer term.