Economics and Globalization

Building Partnership with Mexico - A Presentation by E. Anthony Wayne, Convergencias 2018

Whose Rules for the Digital Economy? Shared Visions, Competing Interests

The role that trade rules play in determining business strategy cannot be underestimated. Yet for all the discussions about expectations for emerging technologies to drive growth, the establishment of rules remains an under-explored issue worldwide.

The Challenges of Macroeconomic Stability in Argentina: What Comes Next?

Heading into next year’s elections, President Mauricio Macri faces bleak economic prospects. The Argentine peso has lost half its value this year and the country’s inflation rate is among the highest in the world. The economy is expected to contract this year by 2.5 percent.

Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region - A Presentation by Earl Anthony Wayne, North American Forum October 2018

Ukraine Quarterly Digest: July–September 2018


ArgentinaPulse #1: Argentines' Perceptions of the World Order, Foreign Policy, and Global Issues

In June, the International Monetary Fund approved a historic bailout of Argentina’s troubled economy, offering a $50 billion loan to prevent a debt crisis and put an end to the peso’s staggering freefall. That rescue, however, has not endeared the IMF to most Argentines, according to a new poll by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Poliarquía, the ArgentinaPulse.

The Treasury vs. the Economy

The great learning gleaned from the crises of the seventies through the nineties was that economic stability depends on prudent management of public finances. Whenever fiscal accounts became unbalanced, generally due to excessive expenditure that led to growing public debt, there was a devaluation of the peso and the entire society suffered. The greater part of the politicians of that era finally ended up recognizing that the public finances could not be played around with.

Better Jobs for a More Competitive Region - A Presentation by E. Anthony Wayne to US-Mexico CEO Dialogue