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The South China Sea in Strategic Terms

In recent years, U.S. military planners have shifted their focus from counterterrorism, low intensity conflict to great power, high intensity threats.  The most likely single scenario for a major military engagement against a great power adversary would be one against China centered on the South China Sea.  There are certainly other situations involving other challenges, but this is the most plausible and dangerous.  Any such assertion must rest on an understanding that critical U.S.

U.S.-China Trade Talks To Continue As Higher Tariffs Take Effect

“It’s been estimated that costs of apparel and clothing for a family of four could go up by $500 if we put 25% tariffs on all remaining Chinese exports as has been threatened,” said Kissinger Institute Robert Daly in this interview with Noel King.

Liberalizing Ukraine’s Electricity Market: Benefits and Risks


The Future of Ukrainian Oligarchs

Twenty-seven years after independence, the Ukrainian economy continues to struggle. The broad influence of oligarchs, who rely on insider deals and hidden political connections to maximize their wealth, is one reason for Ukraine’s faltering development. Victor Andrusiv presented the findings of his new report, which details the influence of oligarchs on Ukrainian society, industry, and politics and three scenarios for their future in Ukraine.

Southeast Asia Stands to Gain Big on U.S.-China Frictions

The impact of the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute has gone far beyond the borders of the two countries calling the shots. From the IMF to investment banks on Wall Street, voices cautioning against escalating tensions and the risks posed by failure to resolve differences have been loud and clear. The uncertainty alone caused by the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing have been destabilizing for the region. What has been less evident, though, is that Sino-U.S. trade friction have already begun to benefit Southeast Asia.

Geopolitical Implications of a New Era on the Korean Peninsula

The second summit meeting between the United States and the DPRK in Vietnam ended without a deal.
There is yet no roadmap on how denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula might be possible, nor is there a clear way for North Korea to be able to join the fold of the international community and have sanctions lifted. In short, a great number of uncertainties remain while hopes for peace continue to be strong.

Present and Future of Argentina’s Economy: A Conversation with Axel Kicillof

*This seminar will be in Spanish. 

Last year, Argentina suffered a currency crisis that has worsened poverty and unemployment. Inflation remains at its highest level in three decades. In response to these economic challenges, President Mauricio Macri signed an International Monetary Fund program that requires deep budget cuts and urges faster reforms to the country’s labor code and pension system. The IMF loans have kept Argentina from default, but they are not without critics.

Infographic: U.S. Top Trading Partners 2019

The Candidates and the Economy: Field of Promises