Economics and Globalization

Fighting Two Fronts in the Trade War, With Only One Popular Path

With both Beijing and Washington expressing satisfaction with the latest round of bilateral trade negotiations, the U.S.-China talks appear to be heading on a track for a win for both sides. Expectations for China to buy more U.S. products and to be willing to make concessions on structural issues have undoubtedly increased, and hopes are high that some kind of resolution can be reached for the March 2 deadline in bilateral talks. 

Ukraine’s Banking System: A Comfort Zone for Russian State Banks?


Domestic and International Impacts of Kleptocracy


In kleptocracies, corrupt politicians use their leverage to receive financial benefits or special favors. These states also create their own legal mechanisms to target political enemies and challenge the international legal infrastructure. Daniel Morgan Graduate School-Kennan Institute Fellow Edward Lemon, joined by Casey Michel and Jodi Vittori, examined kleptocracy in Central Asia, how it influences a state’s legal and financial mechanisms, and its impact on U.S. national security.

Summary: Contested Spaces, Tangled Webs: Indian Geopolitics Today

The triangular relationship between the United States, India and China is a complex one. On one side, the United States and India to continue deepen their strategic partnership, and despite a few obstacles, relations between Washington and New Delhi are smooth. The other two sides, however, are complicated. China’s military assertiveness has hurt its relations with India, while trade disputes coupled with security threats emanating from China have fueled tensions between Beijing and Washington.

What To Look For in 2019: The Year Ahead in Asia

America In Search of an Asia Strategy

A Turning Point for U.S. Economic Leadership in Asia?

Fears of the latest G20 meeting in Buenos Aires collapsing were unwarranted. Unlike the APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea in November which failed to come up with a joint statement among the member countries, the G20 were able to unite in calling for fair and sustainable development. In fact, the G20 meetings actually exceeded expectations insofar as a truce was seemingly reached between the United States and China. In hindsight, however, the G20 summit of 2018 may actually be cited as the beginning of a greater schism among member countries and a potential unraveling of the group.

China’s Detention of Canadians Could Backfire

We don’t know where–or in what conditions–Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are being held. 

They were detained a week ago today, on Monday December 10, in different cities, in different regions of China, but on the same, serious allegations of “endangering national security.” 

Event Recap: What's Next for Afghanistan's Economy?

On November 5, 2018, the Asia Program at the Wilson Center in conjunction with the Middle East program held an event to discuss the state of Afghanistan’s economy, with particular focus on recent Afghan policy achievements; U.S. assistance efforts; and the major challenges that remain and how best to address them.