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Economics and Globalization

Taking the Temperature of the Global Economy

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we discuss the global economic outlook with Wilson Center Public Policy Fellows Meg Lundsager and Kent Hughes.  How have the Trump administration’s tariffs, climate change, and aging populations affected major economies and what other headwinds are expected to weigh on growth moving forward?

Hidden Forces: The Role of Water in Economic Prosperity

“If you woke up one morning and found the taps in your house were dry, the first thing many of us here would do is pick up our phone and call the utility,” said Gordon Mumbo, Team Leader for Sustainable Water for the Mara River Basin, Winrock International. But for people living in the Mara River Basin, if their taps run dry, there is no utility to call, said Mumbo.

Uruguay: In the Eye of the Storm

Nestled between two of Latin America’s powerhouses (Argentina and Brazil) is Uruguay, a country about the size Córdoba. Historically, Uruguay has been a beneficiary of its neighbors’ growth spurts – and a victim of their recessions.

Argentina in Crisis: A Conversation with Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey

*The seminar will be in Spanish without simultaneous translation.

The Ambiguous U.S.-Japan Trade Deal, Lost in Translation

At first blush, Japan and United States succeeded in paving the way to reach a much-anticipated bilateral trade deal on the sidelines of the latest G7 summit. Both Prime Minister Abe and President Trump could seemingly claim a victory and both countries could look forward to signing a final, win-win agreement by late September.

What Do U.S.-China Tensions Mean for India?

The U.S.-China relationship is under considerable strain. This event will focus on the implications of these tensions for India, which is Washington's strategic partner and Beijing's strategic rival. Jagannath Panda will argue that U.S.-China relations are undergoing a major shift with ramifications for the entire world, and he will discuss what this means for New Delhi and how it should respond.  Jeff Smith will provide comments that emphasize the implications of these U.S.-China-India dynamics for U.S. interests and policy.

Recent Trends in Eastern Europe: An Interview with George F. Kennan Fellow Paula Ganga

Paula Ganga is a George F. Kennan Fellow with the Kennan Institute. She has focused her research on the economic and democratic trends of Eastern Europe and Russia's influence in the region. We recently asked her to share more about how she became interested in her research topic and how it is relevant in today's world.

Q: Describe your background and what brought you to the Wilson Center.