Economics and Globalization

When and Whether National Security Plays a Role in Trade

Arguing the need to preserve national security in justifying taking protectionist action is hardly new. In fact, it can be an effective tool to keep critical industries robust and make sure that otherwise vulnerable sectors remain resilient to hostile bids. What’s more, economic war can be wagered against serious threats that jeopardize national security not through imposing punitive tariffs, but rather by being banned from doing business. The challenge though is to know what tools to use and when, against real threats, rather than imaginary ones. 

Modi’s Vision: ASEAN and Indo-Pacific Security

There was no shortage of topics for discussion among delegates at this year’s iteration of the Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) held in Singapore earlier this month, the spotlight was on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who gave his first keynote address to Asia’s premier security summit since it was inaugurated in 2002.

Building Partnership with Mexico, A Presentation by Earl Anthony Wayne

Pensions: The Third Rail of Putin’s Fourth Term


In early May, shortly after President Putin was inaugurated for a fourth term, he signed a decree establishing national goals and strategic tasks for the development of the Russian Federation through 2024.

Innovation in Latin America: Opportunities & Challenges

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we examine how innovation and increased productivity are critical components for Latin America’s future economic growth. Claudio Muruzábal, President for SAP Latin America & The Caribbean and Iván Chávez, Executive Vice President of Grupo Vidanta discuss opportunities and challenges for large firms in the region.


The North American Workforce: Closing the Skills Gap

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne discusses the growing skills gaps in the United States and North America that are already hampering economic performance and competitiveness.  Ambassador Wayne also proposes solutions to better prepare the workforce for more automation and the technology-driven jobs of tomorrow.