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Unlocking Japan’s Immigration Policy Potential

Immigration remains a divisive issue in the United States, but there is no doubt that the history of migration plays a key role in defining U.S. history. Japan too has its own history of immigration and emigration, but pales in comparison to that of the United States or even Europe. Yet as projections for the country’s demographic future become ever bleaker, Japan seems at first blush to be prepared to buck the global trend of closing borders.

The USMCA and the Future of Mexico's Trade Policy under AMLO

In this event, Luz María de la Mora, Mexico's Undersecretary for Foreign Trade, discussed the USMCA and future directions of Mexico's trade policy under AMLO.

Unpacking the Belt and Road Initiative: What Is It and Where Is It Going?

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s mammoth and globe-girdling infrastructure and trade corridor project, represents one of those rare watershed developments for international affairs—something so big and consequential that it is impossible to ignore, no matter where in the world one might be sitting.

Dispatches: February 2019

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Extortionomics and Ideas to Leverage the Digital Revolution

Mexico has been labeled and praised as one of the countries that “has done well” because it implemented several reforms—some of which were both profound and transforming—in topics such as macroeconomic stability, antitrust, and energy, among others. In certain cases, the country implemented only gradual reforms and stakeholders opposed to the changes have not been affected. In spite of this, the effort did not translate into faster growth rates.

A Conversation with Governor Alfredo Cornejo of Mendoza, Argentina and Business Leaders



Despite challenges facing Argentina’s national economy, Mendoza, Argentina’s fourth-largest province and the beating heart of its celebrated wine industry, remains a source of investor optimism. The province has benefited from a high level of integration with global markets and a diversified local economy, which includes major players in agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, and winemaking.

North America’s New Free Trade Agreement: Impacts on the North American Auto Sector

Executive Summary

The new North American free trade agreement will have a substantial impact on vehicle manufacturers, their parts suppliers and their customers. The impact on vehicle companies will vary depending in part on where such key components as engines and transmissions are sourced for their North American assembly plants.

DMGS-Kennan Distinguished Speakers Series: The Impact of Sanctions on Russia's Elites

Sanctions on Russia have transformed Russia’s relationship with the West. While its economic impact can be quantified, the ripple effect of sanctions on Russia's elites may be even more consequential. By disrupting elite access to Western financial and legal services, sanctions undermine the connections critical to Putin’s political economy. Nigel Gould-Davies and Daniel Ahn discussed how the response to sanctions by economic elites will shape Russia’s future.

Selected Quotes:

Nigel Gould-Davies: