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Legislative Rematch

After the President’s Government Report, the presentation of the economic package, and Independence Day celebrations, the second year of work for the 64th Congressional Legislature begins.

Eight cabinet secretaries, including those of Finance, Education, Energy, Public Safety and Welfare, will be cited for the glossary of the Presidential Report.

The economic package will be discussed in the appropriate committees, in order to have the Revenue Act approved by both chambers on October 31, and the Expenditure Budget approved by the Chamber of Deputies on November 15.

Mariam’s Journey: Why I am Helping People Rise

My father always told me “women should stay at home, it is where they belong”. I grew up hearing that education is useless and that girls my age were already married with children. My father, a traditional-minded old-fashioned 81 year old, always told me that a woman belonged at her husband’s house. He frequently told me that I was not good enough, and insisted on pulling me out of school. This made me too scared to do anything about the problems I kept witnessing every single day in my community since it would only make him angrier at me, so I just turned a blind eye.

Brazil Wants to Open up Universities to Private Money

A couple of months after announcing severe budget cuts to the federal education system, Brazil's Education Ministry announced an ambitious plan to increase sources of revenue and budget flexibility for federal universities. The project is called Future-se (Future Yourself) and provides incentives to attract private funding for the universities.

Event Recap: Why Can’t Pakistani Children Read?

On Friday, July 12, Nadia Naviwala, a former Public Policy Fellow at the Wilson Center launched her report titled “Why Can’t Pakistani Children Read? The Inside Story On Education Reforms Gone Wrong.”

Fulbright Grants to Brazil Open Until September 16

With the support of the United States government and through binational partnerships with foreign governments, the Fulbright Scholarship Program sponsors U.S. and foreign participants for exchanges in a number of disciplines and areas, including the sciences, business, public service, government, and the arts, with the aim of "increasing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries." There are a number of unique opportunities for U.S. Scholars to teach or conduct research in Brazil next year. 

Why Can’t Pakistani Children Read? The Inside Story of Education Reform Efforts Gone Wrong (Event)

In Pakistan, millions of children are not in school. And yet, millions more are in school, where they must suffer through the effects of a broken education system. Even after many years of being in school, most of these children struggle to read and learn. After decades of building schools and enrolling children in them, the international community has been forced to confront the reality that schools in Pakistan—and elsewhere around the world—are not delivering education, or even literacy.