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Changing Chinese Views of American Society

The United States and China figure centrally in each other’s international relations, economic policy, and commercial life. Many Chinese now travel to the US for business, tourism, or education, while others study American history and culture in their schools and universities or form their views of the US through the media and popular culture. In this forum, experts from one of China's most prestigious research institutes, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, will discuss Chinese views of American society, politics, and culture today.

Education Reform: A View From the Trenches

This week on dialogue with a focus on education reform from the perspective of the classroom teacher. Host John Milewski is joined by Paul LaRue, Hugh Osborn, and Gary Rubinstein. Paul LaRue is a history teacher at Washington High School in Washington Court House, Ohio. Paul and his students have received national attention for their work researching civil war topics such as the Underground Railroad. Hugh Osborn is senior director at 21st Century Solutions.