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Reforming Russian Higher Education in a Global Market

Russia is in the midst of a country-wide reform effort aimed at integrating its institutions of higher learning with its world-class research institutes in a bid to enter the top ranks of global universities. Minister Livanov outlined the progress of the reform. He discussed new approaches to staffing and financing and highlight Russia’s strategies to attract talented students and scholars with global reputation, including Russian expatriates, to teach and conduct research at newly reorganized Russian universities.

Teaching the ‘Cold War’ – Memory Practices in the Classroom

How do students remember the time of the Cold War? Living in a time of uncertainties, what sense do they ascribe to a period that can be considered the epitome of certainties? How do they appropriate patterns of interpretation offered to them by teachers and in textbooks? How do young people who are constantly exposed to a variety of media influences read textbooks? And how do teachers who were raised and socialized during the Cold War represent this time period in class.

The Way Ahead for Japan and the Lessons to Be Learned

Can Japan be the regional power that it aspires to be? According to the head of the Economic Strategy Institute Clyde Prestowitz, Japan will be a global leader in technology, education, and education, not to mention athletics by 2050. Join us for a discussion about his new book, Japan Restored: How Japan Can Reinvent Itself and Why This is Important for America and the World, and whether Prestowitz’s policy prescriptions can indeed be adopted by Japanese policymakers.

Investing in Pakistan's Future

Following street demonstrations protesting fee hikes in private schools, the government has announced a freeze on private school fees. Financially strapped parents are no doubt pleased. But this step is no more than a bandaid. It doesn’t begin to get to the problem of how to ensure a proper education for Pakistan’s huge population of young people.

Is STEM Education the Key to Africa’s Future?

Is STEM education the key to a bright future for Africa? Southern Voices African Research Scholar and African Technology Policy Study Network Research Officer, Ayodotun Bobadoye, provides insights on the possibilities and the challenges facing a host of African nations. That’s the focus of this edition of  Wilson Center NOW.

'Is Academic Freedom Threatened by China’s Influence on U.S. Universities?': Robert Daly Testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations

U.S.-China Educational Relations and Academic Freedom was presented for the record to the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs' (HCFA) Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations on June 25, 2015. For more information on the hearing "Is Academic Freedom Threatened by China's Influence on U.S. Universities? please go to the HCFA website.