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What Comes Next in Argentina: A Conversation with Sergio Massa

Uncertainty about the priorities and policies of Argentina’s likely next government has unsettled markets since the August primaries, as observers shift their focus from “who will win?” to “what comes next?” The likelihood of President Mauricio Macri’s defeat in October resulted in a currency run and debt crisis.

Decoding the Disinformation Problem

While the current conversation about information operations – including disinformation – is largely focused on the 2016 and upcoming 2020 US federal elections, this challenge is an age-old issue.

Pressure Mounting in Venezuela: Can Maduro Survive?

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we discuss the continuing political, economic, and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela with Cynthia Arnson, director of the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program.  Are Nicolás Maduro’s domestic and foreign allies beginning to waver in their support and how could the politicization of humanitarian aid affect the Venezuelan population?


The Future of Argentina: A Conversation with José Luis Espert

José Luis Espert, a well-known economist, author and long-time political commentator, launched his presidential campaign in December as the candidate for the newly launched Libertarian Party. Though President Mauricio Macri’s gradual fiscal austerity and market liberalization program has produced mixed results, Mr. Espert promises a supercharged free-market reform program.


Government or Revolution?

In the historical vision of the Left, the government was not the product of an election but rather as the result of a revolution or, in any case, as a takeover. The objective was power and the means for acquiring it were least in importance: assumption of power to change the world.

2018 Brazilian Election Results: Initial Takeaways on Political Renewal and the Role of Women

Historically high turnover rates and gains in female representation are encouraging, but political renewal remains in question. 

FAPESP Week 2018 | The City University of New York

From November 26-28, 2018, The Brazil Institute, the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), and The City University of New York (CUNY) held the 8th Annual FAPESP Week, FAPESP WEEK NEW YORK, at the Graduate Center. The symposium aimed to strengthen the links between researchers from Brazil and the United States with the objective of promoting research partnerships.

The Issues behind Election Day

The 2018 U.S. midterm election is one of the most contentious and closely watched in recent memory. Over the past year, Wilson Center experts and fellows have illuminated many of the issues that voters may be considering as they head to the polls – from migration to trade and more. Here is a sampling of research and analysis that takes on new relevance today: