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Argentina’s Black Swan Primaries

On the Friday before Argentina’s primaries, markets finished the trading day on an optimistic note. Highly regarded polls put President Mauricio Macri and his main opponent, Alberto Fernández, within striking distance, allowing the government to downplay the risk of a serious loss that would raise questions about Mr.

Q&A with Juan Germano, Founding Partner of Isonomia, on Argentina's Primaries

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Sixth Time's a Charm? A History of Argentina's Ill-fated Non-Peronist Presidents

So you want to be Argentina's President?

What does it take to become president of Argentina?



Cutting Budgets and Ribbons

In the lead up to a competative election, Argentine President Mauricio Macri is undertakng ambitious reforms. 


Curse of the Vice Presidency

What’s a VP got to do with it?

Argentina has a long history of troubled relations between its presidents and vice presidents. Examples date back to 1959, when Alejandro Gómez resigned from Arturo Frondizi’s administration amid rumors he was plotting a coup against Mr. Frondizi, and includes the infamously strained relationship between Julio Cobos and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during her first term as president, from 2007 to 2011.

Russia’s Super-Important Nonelections

Photo: An elderly man holds a banner at a rally with a photo of opposition politician Lyubov Sobol being detained. Source: Shutterstock.


The Moscow City Council election would normally be a dull affair that few voters cared about. But this year’s election is already hot. A number of prospective candidates claim they have been illegally denied their right to run. The authorities threaten the malcontents with prosecution. Opposition activists, in turn, stage rallies and plan to do more.