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One-Party Majority: Just Another Victory for Zelenskyy


Rearranging the Elite Landscape: Parliamentary Elections and New Political Cleavages in Ukraine


Ukraine has reached the midpoint of a super-election year. With the somewhat surprising outcome of the presidential elections now in the rear-view mirror, the electorate is preparing for snap parliamentary elections on July 21. And with the elections have come a rearrangement of the political elite landscape in Ukraine and new political cleavages, which are expected to be on display in the upcoming Rada elections.

The Hispanic Vote: Moving Beyond the Campaign Trail

If you were curious about the significance of the Hispanic vote in 2020, the various efforts to speak Spanish at the first democratic debates is a good indication. The use of Spanish is just one way candidates are trying to attract Hispanic voters, and this year these strategies are especially important.

Infographic: AMLO after One Year

AMLO & the Fourth Transformation: One Year After His Historic Election Victory

It has now been one year since the victory of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an election that was won with the promise of a Fourth Transformation in Mexico. As part of this transformation, López Obrador promised to end corruption, grow the Mexican economy, reduce violence, build infrastructure, and expand social programs designed to reduce poverty and inequality. Six months after taking office, he has maintained a high level of popular support while aggressively pursuing his agenda and managing a challenging relationship with the U.S. administration.

Campaigning Presidents

The agreement reached last week between Secretaries Mike Pompeo and Marcelo Ebrard was an obvious victory for Donald Trump. It is true that Foreign Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard managed to quell the threat of tariffs that would be going into effect right about now. However, the migration crisis that Trump used to make the Mexican government bend was created by Mexico.

25 Years of Democracy in South Africa

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with Zintle Koza, a visiting fellow with the Wilson Center’s Africa program.  She describes South Africa’s current political and economic landscape twenty-five years after democracy was established. Koza also analyzes the results of the recent general election and expectations for President Ramaphosa’s first full term.