University of Maryland Students Play New Budget Hero: Election Edition

At the University of Maryland-College Park, students of public policy, journalism, and business gathered in groups at the Public Policy School to play Budget Hero and see how policies favoring their political priorities – such as efficient government, energy independence, or national security – would affect the federal budget.  

Budget Hero – Election Edition

WASHINGTON – The creators of “Budget Hero,” the popular serious game which helps people of all ages understand the federal budget and the trade-offs involved in the budgetary process, have launched an Election Edition to illuminate the budget impact of policies championed by President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney as well as those related to the impending “fiscal cliff.”

Latin American Program in the News: What’s going to happen in Venezuela after the Elections?


What’s going to happen in Venezuela after the Elections?

As the presidential elections approach in Venezuela, between the candidate from the Coalition for Democratic Unity, Henrique Capriles and Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s president for the last 13 years, the question of what will happen, depending on the outcome of the elections, is more latent than ever.

Venezuela’s Presidential Elections 2012: Report of a Study Mission

On October 7, 2012, Venezuelans will go to the polls to elect a president for the next six-year term.  The election pits current President Hugo Chávez, who has held office since 1998, against Henrique Capriles Radonski, the opposition candidate chosen in a February 2012 primary.  Not since President Chávez was first elected has there been so much uncertainty about Venezuela’s future, not only because of the unknown severity of his illness with cancer, but also because the opposition’s unity around a single candidate has made the election competitive as never before.

Discussion with the Chairman of Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission


Steve McDonald, Consulting Director, Africa Program and the Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity, The Wilson Center


Ahmed Issack Hassan, Chairman of Kenya's Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

American elections have impact on Brazil and the world

Brazil Institute director Paulo Sotero was a guest on Brazil's nationally broadcasted weekly program Globo News Painel on the 2012 US presidential elections and its impact abroad. The most watched Globo News program, Painel is hosted by Globo Television news anchor William Waack. The one-hour program, modeled on the Sunday morning news shows of American television, is broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Mexico Institute in the News: Eurozone crisis to cast shadow over G-20 summit

Poilitico, 06/17/2012

Managing the relationship with Mexico

Obama’s visit to Los Cabos comes less than two weeks before Mexico’s presidential election, giving him one last sit-down with President Felipe Calderon, a counterpart with whom he’s developed a good relationship.

Mexico Institute in the News: Obama Keeps Eye on U.S. Politics at Latin America Summit

Bloomberg, April 13, 2012

President Barack Obama leaves today for a trip to a summit in Latin America that may have as much resonance in domestic politics as in hemispheric economics.

Discussions at the meeting of North and South American leaders in the resort city of Cartagena, Colombia, will cover trade, economic growth and the battle against drug trafficking. Yet the White House is mindful that about 16 percent of U.S. residents trace their roots to the region, and that group may play an outsized role in the November presidential election…