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2018 Brazilian Presidential Elections Debate Schedule

The Dispute Over the Paradigm

The result of the presidential election altered not only the structure of power, but the nature of the political dispute. The citizenry opted for a strong presidency, with all the powers to undertake a structural change of potentially enormous dimensions. Even without anyone knowing, for certain, what the nature and reach of the so-called "fourth transformation" is, the election sparked a revealing debate of both buried emotions and latent resentments in the political and intellectual world. Now all this is seeing the light.

Marina Silva - Candidate Bio

Lula - Candidate Bio

João Amoêdo - Candidate Bio

Jair Bolsonaro - Candidate Bio

Guilherme Boulos - Candidate Bio

Ciro Gomes - Candidate Bio

Álvaro Dias - Candidate Bio

Geraldo Alckmin - Candidate Bio