Infographic | 2018 Mexican Gubernatorial Election Results By State

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Gubernatorial Election Results

An AMLO Presidency and the Future of Mexican-U.S. Migration Policy

As Mexico begins the process of transition to a new administration, there is considerable doubt about the true nature of the new president, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador, or AMLO as he is commonly known.

AMLO won Sunday’s election with an extraordinary 53 percent of the vote, giving him a clear mandate. Throughout his career, he has taken strong stances on topics like corruption, on what he calls “the mafia in power,” and on poverty and inequality. As a result, he is a figure that inspires hope or fear, dividing Mexicans neatly down the middle.

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Presidential Election Results

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Presidential Election Results

Mexican Elections: A Change in the Party System?

Last Sunday’s general elections in Mexico were historical for many reasons. First, MORENA with its founder-candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), won the Presidential election, giving Mexico its first left-leaning government in democratic history. Second, the thirty percentage points that AMLO had over the second place candidate (Ricardo Anaya) is the largest victory margin since the 1982 Presidential election where Miguel de la Madrid won by 55 points.

Why Mexico's New President is Playing Nice with Trump

It would be easy to assume that Mexico’s new president is going to tear down his country’s relationship with the United States. After all, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—who was elected Sunday with a stunning 53 percent of the vote—has called President Donald Trump “erratic and arrogant” and has even published a book titled “Listen up, Trump!” in which he rejects the U.S. president’s attacks on Mexico and his repeated calls for a border wall.

AMLO and the Markets: Who Will Tame Whom?

The relationship between President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, and the business community has long been a tense one. Many of the leaders of Mexico’s largest businesses sounded the alarm, endorsing alternate candidates and warning of the dire consequences of an AMLO presidency for the Mexican economy. Yet in the run up to and then in the immediate wake of the elections as his victory became inevitable, the value of the peso strengthened and Mexican stocks rallied.

Mexico Elections 2018: Flash Analysis

Earl Anthony Wayne, Advisory Board Co-Chair, Mexico Institute; Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico 

"With the exit polls giving Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) a big win in the Presidential election Sunday evening, key will be the size of victory for his party and allies in congressional elections and gubernatorial races.  Also key tonight (Sunday) will be the messages to the nation in AMLO's statements.