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Dr. Monde Muyangwa Statement on Zimbabwe's 2018 General Election

Zimbabweans voted in the historic, first post-Mugabe parliamentary and presidential elections last week. High-voter turnout of about 75 percent indicates the level of citizen engagement in the process, undoubtedly spurred by the first real chance to see a political transition of power since independence. Post-election violence is troubling, and concerns expressed by observers on the election’s fairness and administration should be taken seriously.

Candidates, Voters, and Bots: The Forces at Play in the October 2018 Brazilian Elections

More than 150 million Brazilian voters will go to the polls on October 7 to choose a new president, 27 governors, and hundreds of representatives at the federal and state levels. It is likely to be the most consequential election that Brazil has seen since the reinstatement of democracy in the 1980s. It is also proving to be one of the hardest to predict, as the electorate remains skeptical of the political class four years into an unprecedented corruption investigation that has now seen the imprisonment of leading political figures and businessmen.

Infographic | What Did AMLO Propose to Trump?

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Election Chamber of Deputies Results

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Election Senate Results

Changing the Guard in Mexico: AMLO’s Opportunities and Challenges

In Mexico’s July 1st elections, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) won a stunning landslide victory. Although his triumph was widely predicted, the scale thereof was still a surprise. AMLO won almost 53 percent of the popular vote, and was the most popular candidate in every state in the country except Guanajuato.

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Gubernatorial Election Results By State

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Gubernatorial Election Results

An AMLO Presidency and the Future of Mexican-U.S. Migration Policy

As Mexico begins the process of transition to a new administration, there is considerable doubt about the true nature of the new president, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador, or AMLO as he is commonly known.

AMLO won Sunday’s election with an extraordinary 53 percent of the vote, giving him a clear mandate. Throughout his career, he has taken strong stances on topics like corruption, on what he calls “the mafia in power,” and on poverty and inequality. As a result, he is a figure that inspires hope or fear, dividing Mexicans neatly down the middle.