A Danger for the PRI

The phrase "a danger for Mexico" directed at López Obrador has long ceased to be effective. The passing of years and the lead in the polls show that AMLO has lost the ability to frighten.

However, his persistent messianic spirit, self-oriented and anti-institutional vocation do represent a threat to our fragile democracy.

This is why the so-called “pact” between the PRI and Morena or the government and AMLO draws attention: simply put, if the “pact” occurs, the worst affected will be the Mexican people for at least three reasons.

Mexico Election 2018: A Historic Vote across the Nation

Mexicans head to the polls on July 1. Almost 88 million voters will be electing 3,416 different positions, making the 2018 election unprecedented in its scope. Positions at stake include the presidency, state and federal legislative posts, governors, and mayors. Thirty out of 32 states will hold local elections.

Mexico Election Preview

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, Mexico Institute director Duncan Wood previews the upcoming general election. He discusses the polling dominance of front-runner Andrés Manuel López Obrador and talks about other things to look for when Mexicans go to the polls on July 1.


PODCAST | Third Mexican Presidential Debate Analysis

'Election Interference: Ensuring Law Enforcement Is Equipped to Target Those Seeking to Do Harm': Nina Jankowicz Testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Nina Jankowicz, a Global Fellow with the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute and a leading authority on Russian disinformation campaigns, testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary at a June 12 hearing titled "Election Interference: Ensuring Law Enforcement Is Equipped to Target Those Seeking to Do Harm."





How It Should Work

The contrast between the economic reforms of the last decades and those of an electoral-political nature is striking. The first have followed an impeccable logic and are characterized by their clarity of purpose. The second ones have all been reactive, tiny and of changing compass. One can agree or disagree with one or the other, but it is indisputable that they are two different “animals.”