Fear vs. Anger

Emotions are an inherent component in human nature, thus in electoral processes. When we say that a candidate “connects” with his audience we mean that he or she achieved establishing empathy with the latter that is, they captivate their public, convincing them to favor the candidate’s perspective of things. Psychological studies conducted on current surveys suggest that this election will be resolved within the fear vs. anger axis: anger against the status quo in the face of fear of losing what has been achieved or what a person has achieved during their lifetime.

They're Up and Running! Mexico's Presidential Race is On and There is a Lot on the Line

On March 30, Mexico's election campaign officially began. The scene is set for a compelling race: an eminently qualified candidate representing the deeply unpopular ruling party, a third-time presidential candidate who believes he had the presidency stolen from him in 2006, a young and dynamic center-right leader who has fought off more experienced party foes, and a former First Lady who is the first independent presidential candidate in Mexican history.

The Coming Campaign

Six years ago, just like today, the campaign started with a leading candidate, positioned as the main competitor since at least the middle-of-the-road election, with a representative of the ruling party who could not match cards with the opposition, and another contender that offered a different form of alternation. The AMLO of today was Peña Nieto back then, and it is José Antonio Meade, who finds himself in third place, occupied by Josefina Vasquez Mota six years ago.

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Electoral Speculations

With the Morena-Social Encounter Party Alliance in Mexico the 2018 elections took on a new twist. Whether due to conviction or strategic decision, merging an ostensibly leftist party with one that is clearly conservative unleashed great controversy: Is this a marriage of convenience or an association of two ideologically similar entities?  Whichever the case may be, there is no doubt about religion playing a role in this election.

Balance of the "Inter-Campaigns"

What are the pending assignments one week prior to the start of the electoral campaigns?

One week before the official start of the presidential campaigns, there are clearly many pending tasks after this particular period within the electoral process, called “inter-campaigns.”

Thus Begins the Chaos

At what point did Mexico get thrown aside? Thus begins Conversation in the Cathedral, the novel by Vargas Llosa, wondering about the moment when the decline of his country, Peru, began. Now, by consciously promoting it, it seems that the Mexican government is determined that Mexicans know that this process started at the beginning of 2018. The question is, in the interest of what, at what cost?

Paradoxes of Power

In his extraordinary book on Quetzalcoatl -the Aztecs’ Plumed Serpent- and the Virgin of Guadalupe, Jacques Lafaye affirms that all Mexicans are Guadalupanos, even the Atheists. One can almost add to this that all Mexicans are PRIsts, even the PANists.

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