A New Game

Two weeks after the first presidential debate, its expansive waves continue to shake the electoral waters. The polls published this week are evidence of the impact the post-debate has in vote intentions.

1.) According to www.oraculus.mx, AMLO maintains leadership and has a 16-point advantage. Nevertheless, the Morena coalition suffers unrest derived from the candidate’s poor performance in the debate, which showed his vulnerability.

Mexican Presidential Candidate Series: A Conversation with Salomón Chertorivski

Please Note: This event took place at the Atlantic Council.

How would a government led by Ricardo Anaya Cortés navigate trade and the broader U.S.-Mexico relationship at this pivotal moment?

'Hate Speech' in Nigeria’s Elections

What impact does “hate speech” have on peacebuilding activities during and after elections in Nigeria and other African nations? How is this type of rhetoric dealt with in the US and elsewhere and what are the lessons to be learned from those experiences?  Southern Voices Network Scholar Olusola Isola explores these questions and more in the latest episode of Wilson Center NOW.


PODCAST | First Mexican Presidential Debate Analysis

Uncharted Territory

The first presidential debate takes place this Sunday, it will signal an authentic start of the unprecedented running we are experiencing. The latter because, even though campaigns formally started two weeks ago, after proposals, many disqualifications, and polls of all kind, we have been analyzing and anticipating scenarios based on schemes and suppositions that might not be realistic.

Mexican Presidential Candidate Series: A Conversation with Sergio Alcocer

Please note this event took place at the Atlantic Council.

In just over two months, Mexicans will elect their next president. This election comes at a historic turning point for Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations. How would a government led by José Antonio Meade navigate NAFTA negotiations and the broader U.S.-Mexico relationship at this pivotal moment?

Infographic | 2018 Mexican Elections By State

3 infographics on the 2018 Mexican Elections State-by-State

Fake Polls as Fake News: The Challenge for Mexico's Elections

Voter manipulation through misinformation is a long and established practice in many polities regardless of whether they are democracies or authoritarian regimes. Parties and candidates alike will frame and even distort issues to their advantage. Misinformed voters can be a potential threat to democracy if they get to know the issues through fake news: poor decision-making will follow. 

Betting on the Debate

Throughout this year it was said that, once the campaigns started, the pieces would fall into place, and preferences would consolidate by overcoming AMLO’s lead, a product of his media presence for many years.

PODCAST | Mexican Presidential Candidates: Security Policy Analysis