China Environment Series 11(2010/2011)

China's success in promoting clean energy technology has been a hot story over the past year as the China Environment Forum team pulled together this special Energy and Climate issue of the China Environment Series. We ambitiously aimed to create; and hope our readers think we succeeded;in creating an issue that takes a snapshot of major energy trends in China and understand some of the complexities in the U.S.-China energy and climate relations.

Daily Headlines: November 2010

China's environmental problems and the linkages to human health are increasingly making the news internationally. Most striking has been the growing number of reports from Chinese journalists on pollution and related health threats even after some government restrictions were put in place in late 2005 to limit reporting on sensitive pollution accidents.

Emerging Trends in Environment and Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Economic development and environmental sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean are intrinsically connected, as evidenced by the July 22, 2010 seminar organized by the Woodrow Wilson Centers' Brazil Institute, on behalf of the Latin American Program, and co-sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The seminar presented the report "Emerging Trends in Environment and Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean," which identifies key trends likely to shape the economy and natural environment in Latin America and the Caribbean for the next 10 years.

A Special Report from the Asia Program: India's Energy Security Strategy

The Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center has just released a Special Report entitled Foreign Addiction: Assessing India's Energy Security Strategy. The report is a result of the joint Asia Program and GEI seminar in July 2008 on the topic: Addicted? Assessing India's Growing Dependence on Energy Resources Abroad .

Energy around the Globe

Policymakers across the globe confront the challenges of balancing energy, economic, and environmental interests. The cost, availability, and sustainability of energy resonate on every level, from nation to industry to individual.

America's Energy Future

Energy has emerged as a major challenge for the 21st century. Some leaders are already labeling energy as the key factor in determining America's and the world's future. In America, we have built an economy, an infrastructure, and much of our society on the assumption of secure supplies of low-cost energy. That era is gone. Oil has already touched the $100-barrel mark and gives every indication of staying at record or near record levels.